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Don’t want to roam anymore!

29 Mar

Photo 14-03-13 3 44 55 PMTired to pay the big bucks to your mobile operator when you are traveling abroad and roaming ?
I am too, it’s too expensive and I am always scared when my phone bill lands home.

Here’s a solution that I use for some months now, and it works.

1. I bought an unlock iPhone 5 (it’s more expensive than buying a bundle with a subscription but at the end of the day you put whatever subscription you want instead of paying for the fancy expensive iPhone subscription, and if you do the math you’ll it’s less expensive).

2. Then in each country, I buy a prepaid card (with data, local SMS and voice).
Photo 13-03-13 5 56 32 PM

Usually the prepaid card comes with a free app where I can monitor my consumption and reload my subscription when needed.

So now I can use my iPhone like home (checking my Facebook, updating my twitter account, finding my way with GoogleMaps, …) and this will all be included in my new local prepaid subscription.

BUT, because there’s always a but …
What about the phone calls to my home number ?
Easy, you just need to forward the calls from your home number to your new local prepaid number.
. To do so, go to “Settings“,
. “Phone
. and “Call Forward“, toggle it on and type your prepaid telephone number.
Don’t forget to contact your local telecom operator before flying away  to ask the price for the vocals being forwarded while you are abroad.

Photo 13-03-13 10 58 34 AM Photo 13-03-13 10 58 41 AM Photo 13-03-13 10 58 47 AM
 Photo 13-03-13 10 59 25 AM

Second but …
What about the texts sent to my home number while I’m using my foreign prepaid card ?
Either you have an iPad or Mountain Lion on your Mac, if not sorry but no texts for you sorry.
I have an iPad, so the texts are directed to my iPad. And I am able to answer them from your iPad.
. Go to “Settings
. “Messages“, then in the “Send/Receive” you’ll see your home number, tap it and in the field “You can be reached by iMessage at” pick your email address.

Photo 13-03-13 4 50 30 PM Photo 13-03-13 5 46 42 PM Photo 13-03-13 5 47 36 PM

Now you can spend yours telecom savings on travel around the world!

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