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Did you Back anyone today ?

28 Mar

Photo 28-03-13 9 35 13 AMI did!
I just backed a Project on Kickstarter this morning.
. Kickstarer is the first platform in the world for the crowd funding
. The CrowdFunding is the financing of projects thanks to a group of individuals

Why did I back a Project ? Because I wanted to help someone reach its goal and produce their invention and also because the product is great.

Photo 28-03-13 9 30 26 AM Photo 28-03-13 9 30 54 AM Photo 28-03-13 9 31 02 AM

The project is called Thermodo. It is a keyring thermometer that you plug into the jack of your iPhone to give the temperature wherever you are.
I took the Pledge $39 which gives me the right to receive a “Premium anodized Thermodo“. It should be delivered in August 2013.
By the way I’m Backer#7090th (Backer#1879 for the Premium package)! The campaign for Thermodo will end on April 9th.

What do you think about CrowdFunding ? Did you back a Project yet or do you plan to ?

PS: a big review about the CrowdFunding is in preparation 😉

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