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Yes! I can cook! At least stuff I like …

23 Mar

Photo 23-03-13 7 14 33 PMI discovered ginger one day when I came back from Dubai. In the plane, I ate a bad bites and was sick when I landed home.
As I love japanese food, I went to my favourite restaurant and my friend said “you need to eat ginger, it will help you get better” and I started to discover ginger.

For Christmas, a Chinese friend offered me candied ginger (first time ever I ate it) and it was sooosooo good that I decided to browse online to find a recipe and cook proudly my very own candied ginger!

That’s what I did 2 weeks ago and now I’m ready to fine tune the recipe and to share it with you.

Candied ginger
1/ peel the ginger with a spoon (better than a knife and your fingers will thank you)
2/ cut the ginger in slices (thin or thicker, you to choose)
3/ cover the slices of ginger with water and bring to boil and drain. You can repeat this 2 or 3 times to decrease the spiciness of the ginger

Photo 19-03-13 12 42 44 PM Photo 19-03-13 12 43 48 PM Photo 20-03-13 3 42 47 PM

4/ add 1/4 cup of drain water (I prefer this than water from the tap), and the same weight of sugar cane as the weight of the ginger and let it cook and reduce on a small flame
5/ when cooked, separate the petals to dry. Either on a metal gill or on a silicone mat.
6/ dry it in the oven 210C degrees during 10 minutes (either on a metal rack or on a silicone sheet) and roll the ginger petals in a crystallised white sugar

Photo 19-03-13 12 44 30 PM Photo 19-03-13 12 45 02 PM

I tried to reduce the sugar added (to make it kinda light) and I cut the ginger in thin slices. I’m torn between thin or thicker slices … Will try thicker slices next time.
I didn’t mention that I got some ginger syrup left from the cooking … I will try to make ginger beer with it … to be continued …Photo 19-03-13 12 49 40 PM

Good to know.
Ginger is good for
. bad digestion,
. nausea and motion sickness,
. it lowers cholesterol,
. decreases arthritis pain,
. works as an antiseptic, expectorant, . fights headache,
. it’s good for blood circulation, …

Knowing all that you still don’t eat ginger ???

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