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#EasyPay, easy go

12 Mar

easypay-apple-storeIn less than a week, I visited  2 times the AppleStore Opera in Paris … I’m so weak when it comes to technology …

When I was ready to pay for my product, a blue shirt guy said “would you like to pay with your iPhone?“.
What ?
Pay with my iPhone ? How ? Can I do that ?
“Yes!”, he said with #EasyPay.

To do so, download the free app “AppleStore“.
. Tap it open and it will find the shop where you are in, asking you to use the #EasyPay solution.
. You scan the product, your phone display the product and price and ask you to pay.
. You type in your iTunes login and password and for your 1st buy the security code on the back of the bank card linked to your account).
Then there it is, a beautiful receipt of your product.

Photo 12-03-13 9 21 39 PM Photo 12-03-13 4 52 21 PM Photo 12-03-13 9 12 38 PM

That was fun and effective.
Well done Apple! I’ll be back!

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