Can’t talk, text me!

6 Mar

You don’t have the time to take this call just during the finale of #BurnNotice and you don’t want to waste your time listening to vocals ?
Got a solution for you, check this out !
This function comes with iOS6 and allows you to send a customized message to your caller.

Photo 4-03-13 7 27 56 PMThe phone rings, touch the phone icon Photo 4-03-13 7 28 32 PMReply with a message Photo 4-03-13 7 28 34 PMAnd a menu pops up, touch the message to send

Your iPhone gives you 3 messages to customize, to do so follow those 3 easy steps

Photo 4-03-13 7 34 16 PMGo to “Settings” and scroll down to “Phone” Photo 4-03-13 7 41 21 PMPick the option “Reply with message” Photo 4-03-13 7 34 23 PMWrite the message you will send when you don’t want to take a call

Now let’s go back to what you were doing!

2 Responses to “Can’t talk, text me!”

  1. museconfuse March 13, 2013 at 12:46 AM #

    That’s a great tip!

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