Speak out !

4 Mar

Before I had cute portable speakers that I carried with me while traveling.
Photo 4-03-13 11 02 22 AMThey were great, I charged them with the USB and could you them for a full week at the office to listen to my favorite playlist and radio show (97.3 The Coast with Julie Guy).

Sadly the twist and turn to expand them broke the little dents and my speakers were not portable anymore 😦

Now, I found a rugged and powerful speaker made by Goal Zero called the “Rock Out“.

The speaker is kind of a box that you unzip to reveal
. The switch on/offPhoto 4-03-13 11 05 48 AM . The USB cable to charge your speaker . The cable to link it to your device (iPhone, iPad, laptop, …) (audio jack in)
. There’s also a great feature called “audio out” that allows you to chain the Rock Out one to another to increase the watts (one RockOut gives you 30 watts). Let’s the party get started!
Photo 4-03-13 12 52 31 PM. Smartly you can tuck your iPhone inside the speaker when you go to the beach (nobody likes a sandy iPhone …) but you can also secure you phone outside the Rock Out if you want to access the volume functions.
. The outside cover comes with an elastic rope that you can tie and secure your speaker while on the move (works for me in the bathroom)

Good to know, you can power it with your Goal Zero Switch8 or straight from you Goal Zero solar panel Nomad 3.5

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because this is a great, rugged speaker that will follow you during your urban and wild expeditions.

Photo 4-03-13 12 37 51 PM

Mores infos
. Goal Zero official website: http://www.goalzero.com
. Follow @GoalZeroSolar
. Like their page on Facebook
. The Coast official website
. Like their page on Facebook
. Follow Julie Guy @JulieGuy_TheCoast

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