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Scared of scratches ?

10 Feb

I AM scared from scratches, scratches on my iPhone screen. So when I received my iPhone, the 1st reflex was to reach out to
20130204-121717.jpgZagg is the leader of the invisible shield to protect your screen.
You have 4 different shields (i took the case friendly screen coverage) to choose from

  • The High-definition (advanced clarity and glass-like surface) for 19,99$
  • The Extreme (break protection and shock resistance) for 29,99$
  • The Original (military-grade scratch protection) for 14,99$
  • Or the Smudge-proof (fingerprint resistance) for 17,99$

I decided to go for the EXTREME shield because I always have my iPhone in my hand and even if you are cautious, it may fall, bad things can happen, … So I prefer to be safe than sorry. I’ve seen to many broken iPhone screens …

The placement of the shield is easy.
The package contains

  • An application solution (to be used on your on your fingers and on the adhesive side of the shield)
  • A micro fibre clothes
  • And a squeegee to chase the air bubbles away and extra moisture
  • Leave 2-3 days to have the definitive results. You’ll see smudge, yellow stains on your screen, don’t panic it will dissapear, don’t be impatient and let them go away.

I have used Zagg for many years and their products are effective and come with a lifetime guarantee. Any issues or problem, claim a new one to replace your damage shield and you’ll receive it (you’ll need to pay for the shipping cost and send back your damage shield).

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