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Frequent flyer ? Frequent drinker !

5 Feb

2013-01-24 23.41.35I discovered this drink on the way back home from Melbourne to Paris ( 20.000km, more than 24hours flight) .
In the duty free, a nice salesperson walked me through the benefits of 1Above.
This drink is supposed to help people flying to recover faster after a flight.

What are the dangers lurking when you fly ?
Dehydration and nutrition issues.
Dehydration, because during the flight, the air on the plane is dry, so dry that it is dryer than in the desert!
The drink is good, better tasting than plain water, easy to drink.

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2013-01-25 07.46.33What are the benefits ?

  • 6 essential electrolytes for fast hydration. This will help to reduce fatigue, support the mucus defence and the circulation
  • B- vitamins, to fight jet lag
  • Low calories drink
  • Drink containing polyphenol supposed to reduce jet lag and help the circulation

1Above is available in 2 sizes

  • The 100ml Concentrate bottle, good for 4-5 hours flight, need to be diluted in a 900ml bottle of water. Designed to be taken through customs.
  • The 1litter bottle, good for 4-5 hours flight, ready to drink.

Where can you buy it ?

  • You can buy it in selected airports (Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland), 1Above is working on expansion as we speak
  • Or online at (shipping fees are free if you order more than 20 bottles)

More infos

Thanks to Roger for his help answering my questions.

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