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Do you what’s app ?

26 Jan

Did you know you can change the background of your what’s app conversation ? It’s easy and looks cool.
Go to “Settings
Chat settings”
Chat screensaver“, then browse you photo roll and pick the picture you like

2013-01-25 00.53.28 2013-01-25 01.05.19 2013-01-25 01.05.11
20121227-175417.jpg 2013-01-26 07.58.422

Pay attention to the following
The message time stamp“, gives you the information regarding when was the message sent or received.
In the “Advanced” option, you can turn on or off the toggle to see when was the last time you contact was connected.

Those options are important if you want to be sure your messages have been read, when they have been read and when was the last time your contact appeared online.

PS: Thanks to @chaseitdwnunda for the tip

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