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27 Dec

Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, dropbox … name it, you got it! But did you try the easiest way ever to share privately pictures with the photo stream ? My mom can do it, so can you !
You should try too because
1. It’s easy
2. It doesn’t require you to open an account
3. You invite who you want (as many persons as you want, you can taylor-made the stream to selected guests)
4. Your guests can download easy your pictures on their iPhone or iPad (easier than on Flickr, no app required as with the Dropbox)
5. It’s free (no subscription like on Flickr, no extra Gb to buy for your dropbox)

So how the it work and what do you need ?
0. You need and iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS6
1. Go to your Photos
2. Touch the “Photos stream” icone on the bottom of the page
3. Touch the “+” on the left side of the page
4. Select from your address book the persons you want to share the pictures with. Give a name to your stream and decide if you want to have it public or just for your happy few guests. The touch “create” button on the top right of your screen. Your guests will receive a mail inviting them to view your stream.
5. You are now in your new photo stream called “ChaseItOrBChased”.
6. To add pictures to your stream, touch the “edit” button and select pictures from your photo roll, then touch “add”.
7. The pictures are added to your stream and ready to be seen by your guests.

And voila !

20121227-175327.jpg 20121227-175338.jpg 20121227-175349.jpg
20121227-175357.jpg 20121227-175407.jpg 20121227-175417.jpg
20121227-175426.jpg 20121227-175433.jpg 20121227-175439.jpg

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