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Share it!

27 Dec

Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, dropbox … name it, you got it! But did you try the easiest way ever to share privately pictures with the photo stream ? My mom can do it, so can you !
You should try too because
1. It’s easy
2. It doesn’t require you to open an account
3. You invite who you want (as many persons as you want, you can taylor-made the stream to selected guests)
4. Your guests can download easy your pictures on their iPhone or iPad (easier than on Flickr, no app required as with the Dropbox)
5. It’s free (no subscription like on Flickr, no extra Gb to buy for your dropbox)

So how the it work and what do you need ?
0. You need and iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS6
1. Go to your Photos
2. Touch the “Photos stream” icone on the bottom of the page
3. Touch the “+” on the left side of the page
4. Select from your address book the persons you want to share the pictures with. Give a name to your stream and decide if you want to have it public or just for your happy few guests. The touch “create” button on the top right of your screen. Your guests will receive a mail inviting them to view your stream.
5. You are now in your new photo stream called “ChaseItOrBChased”.
6. To add pictures to your stream, touch the “edit” button and select pictures from your photo roll, then touch “add”.
7. The pictures are added to your stream and ready to be seen by your guests.

And voila !

20121227-175327.jpg 20121227-175338.jpg 20121227-175349.jpg
20121227-175357.jpg 20121227-175407.jpg 20121227-175417.jpg
20121227-175426.jpg 20121227-175433.jpg 20121227-175439.jpg

iPhone unlocked vs jailbreak ?

23 Dec

Why and unlocked iphone ?
Basically you can insert whatever SIM card in your phone (when its unlocked) and select the subscription that better fits your needs than the ones proposed to you by your network career or for example, unlocking your iPhone means you can travel and change you SIM card with a SIM card of the country you are staying in.


  • You don’t roam (heavy expenses when you travel), all is local (calls, datas, … )

  • You cut your phone expenses )

  • You can use your datas abroad like you do home)
  • Disadvantage:

  • You change you phone number, so when your relatives and friends calltext you, they will call/text an international number).

  • You have to buy a SIM card in each country you stay longer than one week.

  • When a new iOS is ready to download, you don’t have to be afraid to install it on your unlocked iPhone.
  • Unlocked and contract-free iPhones are now available from the Apple stores but the price of your iPhone will be more expensive than when bought with a subscription at your ‘favorite’ network career.

    The jailbreak is about the iOS. No more iOS upgrade for you but then you can download apps that you won’t find on the AppStore.
    For your info, there about more than 700k apps (Dec 2012) available to your iPhone on the AppStore, so you should find what you are looking for. If you don’t check online and you’ll find lots of guidelines to follow to free you from Apple and jailbreak your iPhone.

    Now it’s up to you, locked-unlocked or jailbreak!


    Like Tom Cruise …

    6 Dec

    2012-12-01 17.44.08… in Minority Report with the Celluon Magic Cube.
    This cube is magic and connects itself to any Bluetooth devices (iPhone, iPad or computer) to offer you a virtual laser keyboard and mouse on any flat surface. Looking great and also great for your joints (no more achy wrists).
    Price: 199$

    A table that will rock your music world!

    2 Dec

    2012-11-27 22.50.21

    You need a table to work on you MacBook Pro or PC and at the same time you would like to listen your favorite playlist on your iPhone on real speakers with a pro sound

    but you live in a cramped apartment and have no room for extra furniture ?

    Got the solution for you: a superb and compact table loaded with powerful and discreet speakers.
    3 models are available.

    I would go for the LD120 from La Boite Concept priced at 999€.
    Made in France, but available in Europe through

    ChaseItOrBChased Xmas list

    1 Dec

    Dear e-Santa,
    Here’s my x-mas wish list with all the great toys that can fit in my purse. Thanks for considering 😉
    And Mom, shoot me a mail if you can’t find something on the list and please don’t forget to make eggnog …
    See you on the 25th!!!

    1. iPhone 5 I don’t need it, but I need to keep up with my e-pioneer status. And it’s the best quality phone on the market. 16Gb: 679€/$199, 32Gb: 789€/$298, 64Gb: 899€/$399.
    2. Soundlink Wireless mobile speakers by Bose I was hesitating between the Jawbone Jambox and the BO. There’s no comparison of sound quality, so I’ll go for the Soundlink from Boose.
    Price: $299,95
    3. Twizzy electric car by Renault. It’s more a summer car but I like its style. I just need to figure out where to find a plug to load the battery. Twizzy starts at 6.990€

    4. Wemo by Belkin is just what you need to control everything home from light, heater, coffe machine to tv, … You name it, you switch it on and off from iPhone! Add as many Wemo switches as needed to your wifi network. One switch is 49,99€/49,99$. The Wemo switch can comes also with a motion sensor, priced at 99€/99$.
    5. NoClean aquarium I’m thinking, for a while now, about having a fish-pet on my desk. I didn’t find the tank to match my expectation of technology, I’m too lazy to clean it and I don’t want any trouble with filter/light, … After a little bit of research, I found the NoClean Aquarium! Perfect for me and the fish. Notice that the fish tank is made for one BETA fish.
    Price: 69,99$ and they ship worldwide.

    6. I would light up my design and trendy interior with a Jielde designer lamp. this one comes with 2 arms and is perfect when I work on my iPad on the couch.
    price 2.040$

    7. To stay in shape even if I drink bubble tea everyday (got the loyalty card) … I definitively need an Indo Board. For 174,95$ you’ll get a deck, a roller, a cushion, a workout poster & demo DVD.

    8. I’m into sushi and japanese food big time. And after watching the movie “Jiro dreams of sushi“, I would like to fly to Ginza to have the chance to taste Jiro’s sushis. Booking between 3 months to one year ahead… Address and booking: Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tsukamoto Sogyo Building, B1F, 4-2-15, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, t. +81 (0)3 3535 3600

    9. I hate winter! The snow, the cold temperatures, the snow, the frost … Instead of moving to Florida, I would like the Adirondack II from Ugg. I still want to move to Florida …

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