Like his curve ?

14 Nov

I like tools that hangs to carabiners. The last one I just bought is the Gerber Curve, a tiny 7 in one tool that hang nicely to a S-Biner #2. Basically you can carry it anywhere and you always have with you a sharp blade (fit to cut carton boxes, duck tape, …), screwdrivers and a bottle opener.
Its price is as light as the Curve, only 12,95$ … Perfect for Xmas.

2 Responses to “Like his curve ?”


  1. My travel kit | Chase It Or B Chased - July 5, 2013

    […] to open a carton box, cut food or defend yourself. Don’t need a big one, I have a keyring Curve knife by Gerber  that comes with screw drivers and bottle opener. Be aware that small knifes are allowed […]

  2. Got a piranha in the pocket! | Chase It Or B Chased - September 22, 2013

    […] also have the Curve by Gerber (which brings to the plate many different screw drivers and a bottle opener), […]

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