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Thinner, lighter, faster, … iPad mini for you or not ?

24 Oct

Did you watch Tim Cook’s keynote ?
No ? no prob, I did it for you, let’s sum up what was said.
What to remember ?
A 23% thinner (7,2mm), 53% lighter (308gr or 0,68lb) and faster iPad with a 7,9″ screen.
Is it worth spending 329$ for16Gb, 429$ for 32Gb and 529$ for 64Gb for the wifi version ?

Before answering, let’s review it’s 6 key assets.
1. A powerful A5 dual-core chip which means your iPad is faster whatever you do with it
2. A FaceTime HD camera
3. A 5Mp iSight back camera with 1080p HD video camera.
4. LTE, ultrafast wireless connectivity
5. Faster wifi
6. Lightning, the same fast and digital connection as for iPhone 5
7. 10-hour battery life
All this in the palm of your hand (same screen size, just lighter, thinner and faster).

So now do you need to slam your little piggy bank and buy the iPad mini ?

Check the different scenarii, depending if you own an iPhone or not, already an iPad or not and which version.

To make it short, my piggy is safe for now: I’ll stick to my iPad2 but if it shows the slightest sign of weakness, I won’t show mercy to little piggy 😉


Don’t get lost!

6 Oct

Don’t stay unidentified if something happens when you run/bike in the woods or hike in the mountain.

Edward Wimmer had the great idea (suggested by his dad Mike) to create a tag that would help you to get identified when you can’t communicate with your entourage.
RoadID proposes for the past 13 years different types of ID-tags: wristbands, ankle ID, shoe ID, shoe pouch ID, Fixx ID (dog tag).
I would go for the shoe tag because I think it’s the less intrusive while practicing sport and it’s different than a bracelet or a necklace.

What do you write on the ID ?
Name/first name, emergency phone to call, medical conditions (blood type, diabetic, allergies, … Anything that could help save your life). You can personalize 6 or 7 (on the Fixx ID) lines of laser engraved text.

RoadID gives you also the possibility to have access to a hotline that could answer questions while you are “unavailable”. The 1st year subscription is offered.

Prices ranges from 17USD to 29,99USD.

Accidents don’t always happen to others and think about your loves ones who will be relieved to know you wear a RoadID that could save your life !

Follow @roadid on Twitter
Visit their website RoadID

Thanks to Mike and Jane for their help and support.

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