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Time to get your umbrella

24 Sep

But not any umbrella, a Senz umbrella designed for storm



You, your goal and your Fuelband

22 Sep

It’s about my month now that I wear my Fuelband. It’s time to crunch some figures together.
Let’s start on good basis, I wear it when I sleep, I don’t when I shower (I charge it instead), I walk the stairs and don’t take the lift.
I change my daily goal depending on my activities. When I’m abroad and not working at a desk, my goal goes from 3.000 to 4.000Fuel. When I’m back at the office, my goal goes down to 2.500Fuel.

Here are some of the measures I methodically wrote down during one week

  • Walking up the stairs at the office (190 steps that I walk 2 by 2), from 30 to 40Fuel.
  • Walking down the stairs, from 20 to 30Fuel.
  • Walking from the metro station to the office (500m=0,31mi), 75 to 100Fuel.
  • 10 minutes ABS with Jessica (with the FitnessClass app for iPad), about 30Fuel.

So now, stop reading and start moving your body to reach your daily goal 😉 I’m on a 13-days streak, don’t wanna break it.

More on the Fuelband ? Check our other articles “FuelMe Up part1 ?” and “FuelMe Up part2 ?


Don’t wear a scarf, wear a smart trendy scarf!

18 Sep

How to walk/run thought autumn or just survive Airco with being sick ?
I’m just recovering from laryngitis and I will never part from my Lulu Lemon Deja Vu scarf.
Double-layers soft jersey infinity scarf, great for warmth and polyvalent because you can use it to wrap around your cold arms.
The scarf exists in black and grey. mine is the single-layer version in white … I guess for summer times and cold evenings.

  • Check it out here
  • Price 68$


Ditch iPhone 4/4s for iPhone 5 ?

13 Sep

Ditch iPhone 4/4s for iPhone 5 ?
Every time a new iPhone is released, the same question haunts me “should I go for it or not ?”. I’m sure you have the same feeling …

First let’s see what it is all about.

1. The iPhone5 has an increased display: taller to see one at once, but with the same width so you can type with one hand and it’s still a great feat in your hand. Smart thinking, I like it.
2. The iPhone5 is thinnest (by 18%) and lighter (by 20%) than the iPhone4/4s.
I say, can’t hurt your pocket.
3. The iPhone5 is 2 times faster thanks to its A6 chip. It’s new chip also increase the battery life.
Faster is cool, but increase the battery life is a relief and was really an issue for the iPhone4/4s.
4. We all know that our friends at Apple decided to change the connector, now it’s a digital one (I heard about some plug that could fit the old one and the new one).
5. The camera lense is now protected by saphyre glass.

So do you need to go for it ?
Personally, I will try to wait for my old iPhone4 to die before switching it.
For the ones among us who plan to switch, go for it !


FuelMe Up, part 2

6 Sep


In the last article, we discovered the FuelBand.
Now let’s play along and see what we can or can’t do with the FuelBand and how it works.

So now you walking/running/exercising like crazy with your Fuelband. Don’t move your arm more than usual, it won’t change anything or give you more fuel 😉 just act normal, like if it wasn’t there.

When you meet someone wearing the Fuelband, the 1st question is ‘What’s your goal ?’ and ‘How much Fuel are you at?’
Push the button, and it tells you the steps you took, the calories burned based on your activity, the time and your Fuel (which reflects your level of effort).

If you sync the band with your iPhone, you’ll have also the distance traveled.

How to sync your bracelet ? Easy, just push 2-3 secs the button on your bracelet until you see ‘sync’ blinking. Then release, your bracelet is talking to your iPhone and your profile will be updated.

If you check your performance online (computer or iPad), you’ll have more informations as

  • Your last achievement
  • Comparisons with your category of age&sex (most Nikefuel, average Nikefuel/day, daily goals hit).
  • It also challenges you to accept new goals (I start with a Fuel goal set at 3000 and now, I increased it to 3200, an athlete tennis player goes between 5.000 to 7.000 easy).

Be aware that letting the Bluetooth on will reduce your iPhone battery life, so turn it off when not needed or bring your Mophie with you 😉

Next article will crunch the datas and analyze my day.


  • I don’t dare to wear it under the shower, I could do it but I don’t dare
  • I wear it when I sleep
  • It’s not necessary to have an iPhone you can update your profile through connecting the bracelet to a computer
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