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FuelMe Up ?

29 Aug

When the Up from Jawbone was released back then in November 2011, I jumped on it to try it out.
I looovved it! It was great to track your physical activity, your sleep.
A little less great for the tracking of your food habits.
But the big downfall was the battery life.
My 1st Up died in December and was immediately replaced by Jawbone.
I received my new one in January but it lasted only one week, big disappointment and I decided to give up on the Up …
until the Fuelband caught my attention.

And of course, weak as I am when it comes to technology, I had to buy it.
It’s now my 7th day with my Fuelband and I wanted to share with you my experience.

A little bit of history, FuelBand  is made by Nike and is part of the family of Nike+ products: they got the Nike+ SportWatch GPS (169$), Nike+ Running App, Nike+ SportBand (59$), Nike+ (29$) that your put in your shoes, …

The Nike+ products family communicates with you. To choose the right one for you, you need to think about which one is best depending on what sport you in, what kind of physical activity you practice and what you want to track.

I’m not a runner but I like to keep track of my daily activity (how many steps, how many miles/km did I walk, how many calories did I burn). I also like the fact that I can set a goal and try to reach it everyday, which keeps me motivated to move.

Ok, it was an easy task for the girl at the Nike Town to sell me the Fuelband. And after buying it, I came back to her and we set it up together.

  • 1st you connect the band to a computer and upgrade the FuelBand OS.

During that time, let’s check what’s in the box.

    • One cable to charge your band (on a USB plug, or to sync it on your computer).
    • One piece of plastic that can be used to extend the length of your band (they call it a link). The sizing tool to extend or shorten your bracelet.
    • A stand to nicely place your bracelet in style when you charge it.
  • 2nd you create and configure your account (height, weight, age, goal you want to set) on Nike+ community.
  • 3rd you all set to walk/run/excercise with your Nikefuel.

The infos your one-button band will give you:

  • Steps
  • Time
  • Fuel
  • Calories

How does it count my steps ?
The 27gr bracelet (I got the small one) contains a 3 axis accelerometer that measure my motion all day and night long.
The curved battery fully charged should last 4 days before recharging. And it takes 3-4 hours for a full charge.

What’s the Fuel ?
The Nike measure of your activity. The more you move, the more you earn. And because you measure your activity, you can improve.

How do I synchronize ?

  • Easy, be sure your iPhone has the blue tooth mode on,
  • Start the Fuelband app,
  • Then push 2-3 seconds on the button of your band until you see “sync” glowing,
  • then let go, the Bluetooth logo blinks on your iPhone (meaning the connection is done), then the app uploads the infos from the bracelet!

As simple as pushing a button !!

So now, you ready to jump, run, walk, exercise.

Next, we’ll check the app on the iPhone.

PS: the price of the bract is 162$ and has a 4-days autonomy (mine does have 2-3 days autonomy)

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