Got light ?

19 Aug

Always looking for your keys in your bag when you arrive home after an long day of work ? Need light to get to the next switch or simply to avoid tripping on roots while coming back after a 18 holes ? And you don’t want to carry something too heavy ?

Search no more, Niteize got you covered with the Inova Microlight.

The Inova Microlight is small, bright and can be seen up to 1 mile away!

It’s also a small light with 4 functions: high/low power, strobe or signal mode.

All this for a small price too: 7,99$

PS: in high mode, the light output is 6 lumens (1 in low mode), 10 hours run time (22 hours in low mode) and water resistant.

You can buy it on, I bought my at Paragon Sports

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