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30 Apr

What’s that thing I use as a keyring ? Think better, think harder …
Ok, let me educate you: it’s a hammer to break windows if you are in distress in a car for example. It will also help you free you from your seatbelt.
Yes you always need that !
Why ? Because I care about my readers and followers and the news prove me right (people can die just because they can’t break a window while being trapped in their car, because you only have 2 hours of air autonomy when in a car with closed windows.
The ReSQMe is small, light, colourful and I hope you’ll never need it but if you do it might save your life.

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Zagg protective shield

25 Apr

So you finally bought it! You spent the big bucks you saved for the last 3 months to treat you with the new iPad3 or the iPhone BUT it needs protection against scratches. One company is the leader for screen protection, it’s Zagg.
The Zagg protection is an invisible film that you apply on the front and back (if you want to) of your machine, there’s also the case friendly shield. Scratches are never beautiful so think about protecting the back too because tears and frustration should never be in the same sentence as iPhone or iPad.

How does it work ? The Zagg invisible shield is made with the very same material as the product used to protect chopper blades from little stone impacts. That’s the very same product you’ll apply on you brand new device. The kit comes with liquid product to apply on the face that will stick to the device, and a scrapper to chase the bubbles (bubbles don’t look cool either). The “installation” is easy, you chase the maximum of bubbles, then wait a little bit and then chase them again and again and again until it’s perfect (it needs some time for the liquid product to disappear).

ChaseIt or BeChased ?
ChaseIt, because it’s a great super long lasting protection. Zagg will replace it if damaged, I already sent one screen back and receive the new protection free of charge!
Since some months now, Zagg released the brand new HD invisible screen! And guess what, just bought one and I like it. It’s clearer, thinner and looks like I don’t have a screen protection on my device … trully invisible and still if damaged Zagg will send me one back!

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Eye of the tiger, for you too !

17 Apr

So you wear nice eyewear but you are thinking to switch to contact lenses.
But it’s a pain to wear contact lenses too, you have to put them on when you wake up, take them off when you go to bed, then you forget them in and all is blurry when you wake up the day after …
The solution is permanent contact lenses that you wear for 30 straight nights and days. The lenses are porous so they let the eyes breath (even when you close your eyes and sleep), and you only change them once a month (reducing the risks of bacteria in your eyes when you manipulate your lenses).
I wear them for 1 year now, changing them every month, and it’s great!
Give it a try and now you can choose nice sunglasses to look cool this summer !
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  • Air Optix Night & Day

I met George Clooney !

9 Apr

… At least, I dreamed about it. But what if it happens you need to be ready, at least to ask him an autograph.
But wait, you don’t have a pen, nor a piece of paper but … You got your iPhone or iPad.

For the demonstration purpose, I’ll work on an Easter digital card.

Here’s the step by step
1. Take a smiling picture of an Easter chick
2. Import if into Sketch pro, place the picture where you want
3. Have a transparent layer on top of your image
4. Use your stylus or finger and pick the color for your message/signature
5. Add the picture+signature to “Photos”

And start bragging about it on your Facebook and Twitter.

Flying underpants just like Superman

6 Apr

So you fly a lot, or take long trains or seat for hours in your car, after 3 hours you feel rusty in your legs ?

Got the solution, the recovery travel underpants developped by the Australian company Skins.

Don’t say it’s not for you but for your granny or grandpa ! Big mistake, it’s for you too if you are flying coach, or can’t stretch your legs for a long period. It’s also there for you if you want to fight jetlag or recover faster after a long run or after your Sunday soccer match.

It works by pumping by pressuring some body parts that will allow a good circulation of the blood to your body even if in the same uncomfy position for hours.

ChaseItOrBChased ?
ChaseIt because you’ll feel lighter, more rested and better during and after your flight. By the way, nobody sees it because it’s an underpants !

Such a pants will cost you 80 USD, but it’s worth the trip.

More infos on
Skins official website
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