No more typo, part 2

28 Mar

It’s a pain to text or write long mails on an iPhone so we all heard.
But did you add as many keyboards as languages you practice and try the “auto-correction on”.
It will go so fast !!
Let’s practice together and you’ll be able to take your 14 y.o. nephew on a text race 😉

Let’s say you speak French and English with your friends from around the world.
Did you see you got a key on the left of the space bar that looks like a world?
This small key will help you switch from one language to another.
This is important because it will relate to its very own dictionary and will suggest you word as soon as you start typing.
You like the suggestion, hit the space bar.
You don’t, continue typing or hit the little x next to the suggested word to dismiss it.

Wanna type numbers ? Of course, tap the “123” key or … When you are typing words, tap&keep pushing the “123” key and hits the number, then you are back to typing … You just spared yourself a tap on the “123” key.

A little bit of practice will make you faster as light !
This works for all apps using text.

Be sure to check our earlier review about how to add keyboards and keyboard shortcuts to your iPhone/iPad to be on top of your typing.

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