How to get videos in your iPhone or iPad without using iTunes ?

14 Mar

So you don’t want to use iTunes to synchronize your videos?
Me neither. Why?

  • All the content on my iPad is not on my computer and I don’t want to lose precious apps, or videos by synching with my computer! That’s why.
  • Also sometimes you need to synch videos that are on someone else’s computer.

So here’s my recipe to get the videos on my iPad without using a computer.

  • Create an account on
  • Upload your videos (in the settings of your account, I say that my videos are private, and only I can see them, videos downloadable)
  • Then on your iPad, download the sweet app “Perfect Downloader”, you have to pay for it, but it’s bucks well spent believe me!
  • Then when you open the app, just type, log in and click on the video you want to download on your iPad, click on the link “download videos”

And here it is. When the download is complete, you can neatly arrange the files in folders … I like it.

PS: for faster uploading Vimeo, you’ll have to upgrade your free account to a VimeoPlus account. If you have time, you don’t care and stick with the free account.

PS2: check our review on how to have your iPad content broadcasted on a TV!

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