Ready to show off on a giant screen ?

3 Mar

I am !!!
Let’s say you have an iPad, an iPod Touch or an iPhone and one thing you are dying to do is: to show your content on a TV screen or project it through a projector, no, no ? YES!

I did some trials and now I am ready to share with you the trips and tricks to have your content displayed on a big screen.
Let’s review the material you need or not.

  1. What iPad do you have ? iPadOne, iPad2 ?
  2. What iPhone you own ? iPhone4, iPhone4S ?
  3. What kind of projector do you want to use ? HD TV, TV, projector ?
  4. What content do you want to broadcast ? web page, iTunes videos, YouTube videos, other apps videos, your games, keynote presentations, Pages documents, …

When you answer those 4 easy questions, you’ll be able to pick the right cables to display your content.

The material available to you or what kind of cables you need ?

  1. Apple VGA Adapter, 29$
  2. Apple Composite AV cable, 39$
  3. Apple Digital AV Adapter, 39$
  4. AppleTV2, 99$ (need an HDMI cable, 1.8m, 19$, and a wifi network)

So now, which one to suit you needs ?

First, let’s have a look on the different situations depending if you are in front of 20-years old fat TV from granny, or a brand new HDTV.

1/ You are facing a regular TV (no HDMI or VGA ports),

Then plug it with the Apple Composite AV cable and you’ll be able to broadcast

  • Powerpoint presentations (imported in Keynotes)
  • iTunes movies and TV shows
  • iTunes music

2/ Got an upgrade, and now the TV is an HDTV (with HDMI and VGAports)

You can now plug your iPad with the Apple Digital AV Adapter and Apple VGA Adapter.

With the Apple VGA Adapter, you won’t be able to listen to the sounds on your TV so not good to broadcast movies, videoclip, TV ads … but great to broadcast your

  • last Powerpoint/Keynote presentation
  • iTunes movies and TV shows
  • iTunes music
  • Mirroring of your all interface if you have an iPad2 or an iPhone4S

3/ With the Apple Digital AV Adapter, music will be on !! Don’t forget to bring the HDMI cable or you’ll look stupid …

4/ And now upgrade of the upgrade, you kept the HD TV and have a wifi network ready for you to be used and abused !

Then, don’t hesitate and get the AppleTV2, the best 99$ I ever spent !

  • Hook up the AppleTV2 to your HD TV (your boss forgot and now it’s yours, I won’t tell) thanks to your HDMI cable
  • Switch the HD TV on and go to AUX screen to follow the instructions to link the AppleTV2 to the WIFI network (super easy, will take less than 5 minutes)
  • When you AppleTV2 is connected to your WIFI network
  • Double click the home button of your iPad or iPhone (or use the 4-fingers gesture -WAOUW effect garanteed if you got an audience) and slide right to reveal the AirPlay option next to the brightness controle slider
  • Click on the AirPlay icone and toggle on Mirroring … And tadaaaa ! You’re on and able to display
    • your last Powerpoint/Keynote presentation,
    • your iTunes movies and TV shows iTunes music,
    • all your interface of your iPad2 (not iPad one) or iPhone4s (not iPhone4) will be mirrored on your TV !!!
  • You will also have access to iTunes stores to download music, movies, tv shows and browse videos on YouTube or Netflix …

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