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No more typo, part 2

28 Mar

It’s a pain to text or write long mails on an iPhone so we all heard.
But did you add as many keyboards as languages you practice and try the “auto-correction on”.
It will go so fast !!
Let’s practice together and you’ll be able to take your 14 y.o. nephew on a text race 😉

Let’s say you speak French and English with your friends from around the world.
Did you see you got a key on the left of the space bar that looks like a world?
This small key will help you switch from one language to another.
This is important because it will relate to its very own dictionary and will suggest you word as soon as you start typing.
You like the suggestion, hit the space bar.
You don’t, continue typing or hit the little x next to the suggested word to dismiss it.

Wanna type numbers ? Of course, tap the “123” key or … When you are typing words, tap&keep pushing the “123” key and hits the number, then you are back to typing … You just spared yourself a tap on the “123” key.

A little bit of practice will make you faster as light !
This works for all apps using text.

Be sure to check our earlier review about how to add keyboards and keyboard shortcuts to your iPhone/iPad to be on top of your typing.

How to get videos in your iPhone or iPad without using iTunes ?

14 Mar

So you don’t want to use iTunes to synchronize your videos?
Me neither. Why?

  • All the content on my iPad is not on my computer and I don’t want to lose precious apps, or videos by synching with my computer! That’s why.
  • Also sometimes you need to synch videos that are on someone else’s computer.

So here’s my recipe to get the videos on my iPad without using a computer.

  • Create an account on
  • Upload your videos (in the settings of your account, I say that my videos are private, and only I can see them, videos downloadable)
  • Then on your iPad, download the sweet app “Perfect Downloader”, you have to pay for it, but it’s bucks well spent believe me!
  • Then when you open the app, just type, log in and click on the video you want to download on your iPad, click on the link “download videos”

And here it is. When the download is complete, you can neatly arrange the files in folders … I like it.

PS: for faster uploading Vimeo, you’ll have to upgrade your free account to a VimeoPlus account. If you have time, you don’t care and stick with the free account.

PS2: check our review on how to have your iPad content broadcasted on a TV!

Airport Express

10 Mar

First of all, I LOVE Apple stuff.
I need to talk to you about THE device I always take with me when I travel: the Airport Xpress.
It’s a device that you plug on the power outlet and link to an ethernet cable, a printer, an hi-fi.
But all that is standard use, you are not here for standard but to push the boundaries a little bit further.

I use my Airport Xpress when I travel and stay in hotels.
When you hook up to the hotel wifi, you are on your own: one device, one daily subcription ! I have one iPad, one iPhone and one MacBook Pro to connect … And I don’t want to pay for 3 daily wifi subscriptions ! TOO EXPENSIVE !!

So what I do is the following:
I connect my Airport Xpress to the ethernet cable you found in every hotel room.
Then I switch on my iPad/iPhone or computer, on my internet browser. The hotel subscription page opens, I sign in (and pay once) and the wifi is opened for all my wifi devices !!! With one subscription and an Airport Xpress, you surf wirelessly with all your devices (up to 10).

It works everywhere, with Mac and PC. You can also protect your network with a password.
It costs 99$, a daily subscription at the hotel 17$ … Do the math …

PS: You’ll need to configure once the Airport Xpress on a computer to have it working properly. Hower from an iPad … worth investigating!

Keynote March 2012: the new iPad

8 Mar

So you bought iPadOne when it was released, then less than one year later iPad2 was on the market and you HAD to buy it too!
So what about the New iPad ?
The key features are the following

  • Retina display
    • display 2048*1536, 3,1 milions pixels, 264 pixels per inch, … in short the new iPad got more pixels than your HD TV
  • Apple A5X chip
    • a chip designed to work perfectly with the Retina display, 2 times faster than the chip inside your iPad2
  • Camera 5Mega pixels with
    • backside illumination
    • autoface detection
  • HD video recording and a stabilizer to shoot video
  • Voice dictation
    • to dictate your mails to your New iPad in english (US, UK, AUS), French and now Japanese!
  • 4G instead of 3G
  • Personal hotspot
    • your New iPad will be able to play the hotspot for up to 5 devices (depends if this service is supported by your mobile operator)

The New iPad will be available in black or white.
The price … stays the same: 499$, 599$ and 699$ for the 64Gb
The release day is March 16th but you can already pre-order it now !

So do you ditch your iPad2 for iPad3 ? No, I won’t, I will wait for the next one (I got the iPad2), but if you own an iPadOne, switch to the New iPad!

Keynote March 2012: AppleTV 1080p, the new AppleTV

8 Mar

This great device, when connected to your HDTV and your WIFI network, allows you to browse through the Apple Store

  • to rent movies and TV shows
  • as well as to surf on YouTube, NFL channel, Netflix, …
  • and to watch your pictures pushed from iPhone, iPad or Mac

The new version of the AppleTV being released next week will do that BUT

  • In 1080p, full screen, great details and definition for your pictures and movies
  • You’ll have access to your purchased TV Shows and now movies (access to movies is new)
  • The build-in genius will recommend you movies based on your purchased movies
  • You will able to browse iTunes to listen to your music through the iCloud
  • You will also watch your pictures in full screen on your TV also through the iCloud
  • The price for the new AppleTV is 99$

ChaseIt or BChased ?

BChased, if you already have an AppleTV2, stick to it.

ChaseIt, if you don’t have one, because it’s really useful.

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