Wise usage of the iCloud

21 Feb

Some months ago, I walked you through the mystery of the iCloud.
To sum it up in few words, the iCloud will sync

  • your pictures (taken with your iDevice,
  • your music
  • your videos bought on iTunes
  • your docs created with Page, Keynote and Numbers)

I wanted to come back on this notion, after using it a lot these days.

When you buy and download content on iTunes, it’s up there in the iCloud ready to be synchronised accross our i-devices (up to 5 devices).

You are not obliged to sync all the content (disable the option in the “Settings“), it is not mandatory for all your i-devices to contain all the content you own.

I automatically sync the pictures across my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro and Apple TV. Same for the docs.

When it comes to media content bought on iTunes, I prefer to synch manually. Why ?
Because I own

  • a 16gb iPhone4,
  • a 64gb iPad2

and that they are fully booked so I have to be cautious about the storage….
I only download the TV shows on the device I need to play it from then delete it after viewing so to allow space for the next episode. I don’t loose it because it’s on the cloud !

So when I want to listen to an CD I bought on iTunes,

  • I just browse the iTunes store
  • and choose “Purchased

This time I wanted to download the Cee Lo Green‘s album I bought on my iPad to my iPhone,

  • so I picked “Music“,
  • and “not on this iPhone” and scroll down to Cee Lo Green,
  • clicked on “the iCloud”
  • and then VOILA! it downloaded (free of charge, because I already paid for it) on my iPhone

Do the same for the TV shows but select “Video” instead of “Music“.

And remember up to 5 i-devices can host your content bought on iTunes.

Want more infos on the iCloud ? Check out our ChaseIt Or Bchased review.

2 Responses to “Wise usage of the iCloud”

  1. Brian February 22, 2012 at 6:48 AM #

    Loves the iCloud at first but I find having all my photos on all devices can use up a lot of memory.

    • chaseitorbchased February 22, 2012 at 8:07 AM #

      True, but then just use it for only the devices that are usefull for you. I like the sync between iPhone and iPad, really usefull for me.

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