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Don’t squash this spider !

16 Feb

I don’t like spiders, in Australia they got the red back, white back spiders both lethal !
I just found another species in the MyMac Fed Square in Melbourne called the Spider Podium from the Breffo.

With the Spider Podium, it will be easy to skipe or watch TV without holding your iPhone for example.
The tricky part is to set it up to suit your needs, you’ll toy around with it and I’m sure you will find th right position for those non-hairy legs.

Practically, the Spider Podium got 8 legs (like the real animal hiding in your closets).
The legs are made of flexible anti-slippery rubber coating metal wires that you can bend to suit as you like.

The Spider Podium for iPhone comes in 7 colors (blue, green, gray, pink, purple, white and black) for the Spider Tablet you’ll have a limited choice between gray and black.

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because

  • The Spider Podium is light and effective.
  • There are 2 models: one for the iPad (29,99$) and one for the iPhone (17,99$).

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