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Personal wifi connexion even in the middle of the desert !

11 Feb

I was facing a situation and no solution … How to be connected with a wifi iPad to internet when you don’t have wifi access ? Beg to use someone’s computer ? Go back home ? Chase a StarBucks ? Wrong answers ! Solutions are out there, check it out !
It’s called “Hotspot 3G+” from SFR in France or “Pocket Wifi” from Vodafone in Australia or the “Rocket Mobile Hotspot” from Rogers in Canada or “Sonic Mobile 4G” from T-Mobile in the US.

What is it ? A portable device that give you 3G+ access through a wifi connection to your i-device.

How does it work ?
The 3G device includes a 3G+ chip and needs a data plan with your telecom operator.
Then you just need to connect it once to a computer to enter the pin of you 3G+ simcard and get connected, a 5 minutes operation with no sweat.
Don’t forget to write down the WEP number to add devices because the beauty of it is that you can use it with up to 5 connected wifi devices at the same time (it will slow down your connection but it’s workable).

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because

  • It will cut down your phone bill while abroad (because you are not using you iPhone dataplan).
  • The hotspot is light.
  • Its charger is the same as a Blackbery Bold.
  • It works also a a great mirror to spot spinaches between your teeth !

So study the offers and get a great dataplan and you will be all set to surf when you don’t have a free wifi access !
Happy surfing πŸ˜‰

PS: special thanks to @ChaseItDwnUnda for showing me her Pocket Wifi

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