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Faster than light and less typo on your iMessages

27 Feb

One big flaw of the iPhone is the typing.
You never type fast enough, your fingers are too big, you may not like the touch screen or you do too many mispellings or spaces missing and you don’t want to spend time to correct them.
There is a nice built-in function that will help you typping: keyboard shortcuts can help you !
It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Go to “Settings
  • Then choose “Keyboards

and start working on your shortcuts.
Some examples, I use:

  • onw meaning “on my way” (already build in)
  • mp meaning “my pleasure!”
  • ty for “thank you”
  • dnd (for “don’t disturb”), that will be replaced by “I’m in a meeting, can’t talk now but will call you afterwards”

Be creative and you will find yours very own shortcuts.

Also, if you are still looking for sweet emoticones,

  • Go to “Settings
  • Then choose “Add a new keyboards” And choose “Emoji

To use your emoticones while typing, just tap the “world-key” left to the spacebar and the Emoji keyboard will pop up.

Have fun !

Need a fancy pic for your Twitter or Facebook profile ? Follow my steps

26 Feb

You are taking great pictures with your iPhone, and you just post them on your Facebook or Twitter. It’s nice, but it could be great!
There are some great apps out there that will make you picts shine !!!

If you are on a budget and want to keep it simple,

My favorite apps are ColorSplash, PhotoFrames and Notica.

    • ColorSplash, to convert your picture in black and white leaving the parts you want to highlight in color. Great effect.
  • PhotoFrames, to arrange multiple pictures inside frames. 18 different frames are available to you.
  • Notica, to convert your picture in a notecard. You will be able to add your location and also comments, neat! And you’ll be able to create categories to sort your cards.

What I like to do is to combine the apps to gets the best results.

Screenshot of my photo apps.

Edit of the previous picts in the Photo App. And organisation of the pictures with PhotoFrames.

Then import of the result in Notica.

If you are into exploring all the offered possibilities, check out the following apps

  • PhotoStudio
  • PhotoGene2
  • Camera+
  • Hipstamatic
  • Phototoaster Jr

Happy shooting !

What is stronger a pelican or an otter ?

24 Feb

Protect your belongings with waterproof boxes,

Pelican cases promisse to protect your precious belongings from dust, water (some are even 100% waterproof) and shocks. I bought the 1020 model to protect my Airport Express when I travel. It comes with an thick foam on the inside, I chose the see-through lid (easy to see if it’s there or not).

The Pelican cases exist in different colors with foam inside (you can customize the foam inside if needed) or not, with clear lid or not. The opening is easy with one clip.

I was happy with my Pelican case, ready to buy a new one for my 1terra hard drive when I found the Otterbox cases. The Otterbox are easier to find than the Pelican cases.

Same as for the Pelican cases, the Otterbox cases are fit for heavy fights through mud, shock, sand and humidity.
I like the Pelican because of

  • the foam on the inside
  • the easy opening clip
  • and the NiteIze carabinier that comes with it

I like the Otterbox because of

  • the 100%see-through boxes, but no foam on the inside
  • instead of the carabinier, you’ll get a rope
  • instead of a one easy-clip to open the box, you’ll get a two-hard clips to open

The prices range are similar, so no deal breaker here.

ChaseIt or Bchased ?

ChaseIt because it’s a great protector when you travel with delicate informatic hardwares like hard drive, modem … you can also store your jewels if you want or even important paper. The only downside is the weight, protection comes at a price … The weight. Both brands are doing their job, I like the clear boxes from Otterbox but I prefer the opening clips from Pelican.

More infos on

  • Otterbox website
  • Follow Otterbox on Twitter @Otterbox
  • Pelican case website
  • Follow Pelican Products on Twitter @PelicanProducts

Wise usage of the iCloud

21 Feb

Some months ago, I walked you through the mystery of the iCloud.
To sum it up in few words, the iCloud will sync

  • your pictures (taken with your iDevice,
  • your music
  • your videos bought on iTunes
  • your docs created with Page, Keynote and Numbers)

I wanted to come back on this notion, after using it a lot these days.

When you buy and download content on iTunes, it’s up there in the iCloud ready to be synchronised accross our i-devices (up to 5 devices).

You are not obliged to sync all the content (disable the option in the “Settings“), it is not mandatory for all your i-devices to contain all the content you own.

I automatically sync the pictures across my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro and Apple TV. Same for the docs.

When it comes to media content bought on iTunes, I prefer to synch manually. Why ?
Because I own

  • a 16gb iPhone4,
  • a 64gb iPad2

and that they are fully booked so I have to be cautious about the storage….
I only download the TV shows on the device I need to play it from then delete it after viewing so to allow space for the next episode. I don’t loose it because it’s on the cloud !

So when I want to listen to an CD I bought on iTunes,

  • I just browse the iTunes store
  • and choose “Purchased

This time I wanted to download the Cee Lo Green‘s album I bought on my iPad to my iPhone,

  • so I picked “Music“,
  • and “not on this iPhone” and scroll down to Cee Lo Green,
  • clicked on “the iCloud”
  • and then VOILA! it downloaded (free of charge, because I already paid for it) on my iPhone

Do the same for the TV shows but select “Video” instead of “Music“.

And remember up to 5 i-devices can host your content bought on iTunes.

Want more infos on the iCloud ? Check out our ChaseIt Or Bchased review.

Don’t squash this spider !

16 Feb

I don’t like spiders, in Australia they got the red back, white back spiders both lethal !
I just found another species in the MyMac Fed Square in Melbourne called the Spider Podium from the Breffo.

With the Spider Podium, it will be easy to skipe or watch TV without holding your iPhone for example.
The tricky part is to set it up to suit your needs, you’ll toy around with it and I’m sure you will find th right position for those non-hairy legs.

Practically, the Spider Podium got 8 legs (like the real animal hiding in your closets).
The legs are made of flexible anti-slippery rubber coating metal wires that you can bend to suit as you like.

The Spider Podium for iPhone comes in 7 colors (blue, green, gray, pink, purple, white and black) for the Spider Tablet you’ll have a limited choice between gray and black.

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because

  • The Spider Podium is light and effective.
  • There are 2 models: one for the iPad (29,99$) and one for the iPhone (17,99$).

More infos on

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