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You dig airguitar ? What about airfloss ? Air vs water.

23 Jan

Why flossing ? It’s a good question. When you brush your teeth, the brush can’t access the trapped food and debris in your gum. Only floss can. Then what kind of floss do you have to use? String, water or air ?
With string floss, you have limited access below the gumline and it’s quite a maneuver with a mouth full of fingers …
So a long time ago Waterpik invented the waterflosser.

The new WP-450 is cordless and comes with 4 different tips in the box

  • The plaque seeker (to remove the plaque)
  • The tongue cleaner (to clean the tongue)
  • The pik pocket (kinda like a tooth pik)
  • The orthodontic (if you wear braces)
  • And of course the classic jet tip (the one you will use most of the time)
  • The tooth brush tip can be bought separately, so you’ll have a brush AND a floss for the price of a floss.

The tips have to be replaced every 3 months.
The waterpik model is sold at $54,99 (tips included, except for the brush tip).

Then there’s the new AirFloss 100 series from Sonicare by Philips
AirFloss features microburst technology that delivers microdroplets of air and water to remove plaque biofilm between teeth.
Quick cleaning of your 32 teeths in less than 60 seconds.
The AirFloss comes with one pick in the package but only one pin in …
Both floss air and water will make you bleed the 1st week, then your gum will get use to it.
The water floss is softer with your gum than the air floss.

I used both, with the Waterpick,

  • You have a 4 minutes autonomy
  • The possibility to fine tune the pressure

The AirFloss

  • Cleans your inner teeth in less than 60 seconds
  • Provides you only one pressure burst that you can activate

All the flossing systems will have your dentist smile all his teeth out the next time you’ll visit him. I hope he flosses too 😉

ChaseIt or Bchased ?
ChaseIt because flossing is important.
I like the AirFloss but my hubby hates it and only wants Waterpik … Then what machine to chase ? It’s really personal and I guess you need to discuss it with your Dentist.

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