10 apps worth downloading and that you will use.

16 Jan

One of the killer features of the iPhone is the apps. But after a while and some crazy downloads whenever you have a minute ahead of you, you just use a bunch of apps. I sorted them and picked the ones I downloaded recently and that I use daily. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate.
For your iPhone.
1. BC Reader
Wanna keep your addressbook up to date but hate typing in all the datas ? Same here, so why not give a try to this app? It will scan the business cards and save them in your addressbook. Don’t forget to check the datas, sometimes it may skip a character depending on the artwork of the card or the lighting. Its not a free app.
2. Dropbox
Before IOS5, I was really into Mobile me big time. I like to store datas and it was great to share pictures through the gallery. Since IOS5, I switched to Dropbox and it’s great for storing and sharing. If you go over 5Gb, you’ll have to migrate to the pay version. Perfect on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and every time a friend signs in, you get an extra 500MB storage!
3. Facebook messenger
You may know people who don’t have a Blackberry or an iPhone … And you still want to talk to them. Its easy with this great app that will let you message your friends on Facebook. It’s like using the Blackberry messenger but between a computer and your iPhone. Plain and simple, it does the trick !
4. Find Friends
Mommy wants to track you down ? Wanna know where is your brother and what he is doing or you just want to find your stolen iPhone/Pad. Find Friends will track you and your friends down untill you turn the Follow option off. Don’t friend your boss though πŸ˜‰
5. Notica
Wanna standout when updating your Facebook status or sending your best e-wishes ? This app will customize one of your picture, add a title, comment and frame it. Then you’ll be able to share it. You’ll have to pay for this app.

For your iPad.
1. HGTV To Go
Always deemed about having a bigger house ?
I like to watch the tv shows of “Selling New york” with the Kleiers, “Selling LA”, “Property Virgins” with Sandra Rinomato.
2. Bamboo Paper
It’s a great app if you like to write down with you finger or a stylus on you iPad. Then you’ll be able to send them by mail. Free app. Exist also with cloud archiving for $1,99
3. Hootsuite
To manage your many Twitter accounts (up to 5 with the free version). Great to schedule your tweets.
4. FitnessClass
Great to sculp your abs, lose wait, practice yoga … Video courses with experts. You’ll pay by class, I take the 30 days pass but you can also purchase the class. Some lessons are free.
5. Measure
Need a ruler on the fly ? Download this app easy to use … Just a ruler in inches and centimers. Free app.

Don’t forget to check my 10 favorite app

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