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PeopleTowels, towels by people for people

9 Jan

What does your mom always say to you since you were born? “Wash your hands when you go to the bathroom”, “Wash your hands before coming to diner, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash you hands !!!
So either you have very very dirty hands or your moma is right and we should all wash our hands more often.
Lots of bacteria are crawling on your hands, so the smart move is to use the anti bactericid gel or to bring your personnal towel everywhere with you. Why ? Because you spare paper towels and don’t touch the dubious public towels !
Why carry my own towel with me ? Like the klean kanteen or Tervis Tumbler I bring to the office or picnics? YES!
The little american company called TowelPeople brought back from Japan the centenial use of the personnal towel that japanese people carry with them all day long.
This eco-habit is cool because it reduces paper waste and recycling costs; it leaves the tree alone and on top of it you got your very own and customised clean towel (it can be a nice gift for your moma).
The PeopleTowels are available in the US as a 1 day supply up to a 5 days supply.
It’s a great idea, moma would like it and the planet is interested too 😉

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