12 resolutions for 2012

1 Jan

Ok, here we come again. a new year and a new set of resolutions we’ll try to respect all the year through …
Resolution 1, try to stay away from iDevices when at home (gonna be a tough one), huby will like it
Resolution 2, have 3.000 followers on Twitter, not sure it’s compatible with resolution 1
Resolution 3, clean my desk at the office at least twice a year, it will rest my colleagues eyes
Resolution 4, work my abs to be ready for summer on the beach
Resolution 5, try to eat diversified and not japanese everyday, I don’t see why japanese food is sooo good
Resolution 6, walk the Dyson home at least once every 2 weeks
Resolution 7, try to moderate the budget spent in gizmo
Resolution 8, throw the food from the fridge that are walking on its own …sometimes I forget a tupperware or two … Oops
Resolution 9, be patient when my dad tells me his computer doesn’t work
Resolution 10, give away the clothes I don’t wear anymore
Resolution 11, floss everyday
Resolution 12, peace on earth and let’s the movie 2012 not be real (I’m not running for Miss USA 😉
Happy New Year to everyone, I wish all the best !!!!
Don’t hesitate to share your resolutions with us.

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