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The manatee not only from Florida but also from GreenSpan

27 Jan

I’ve seen a manatee for the first time this summer in Seaworld Orlando.
Impressive !
Manatees are very large herbivorous marine mamals sometimes called the sea cow (up to 13 feet and 1,300 pounds).
They like to hang in the warm and shallow waters.
It’s an endangered species protected by Federal and Florida government.
But manatee is not only a sea cow but also a bottle tote !
Not just a tote, an eco-friendly one !

Eco-friendly because GreenSmart does use a water-based material instead of regular neoprene.
Its production process use less petroleum and energy.
The neogreen (not neoprene) is made from recycled PET water and soda bottles.
The Manatee tote comes in 4 bi-colors and 3 sizes (short, medium or tall).
GreensSmart also produce

  • MacBook and laptop sleeves,
  • backpacks and messengers,
  • wine and water totes.

10% of the profits goes to non-profit organizations.

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You dig airguitar ? What about airfloss ? Air vs water.

23 Jan

Why flossing ? It’s a good question. When you brush your teeth, the brush can’t access the trapped food and debris in your gum. Only floss can. Then what kind of floss do you have to use? String, water or air ?
With string floss, you have limited access below the gumline and it’s quite a maneuver with a mouth full of fingers …
So a long time ago Waterpik invented the waterflosser.

The new WP-450 is cordless and comes with 4 different tips in the box

  • The plaque seeker (to remove the plaque)
  • The tongue cleaner (to clean the tongue)
  • The pik pocket (kinda like a tooth pik)
  • The orthodontic (if you wear braces)
  • And of course the classic jet tip (the one you will use most of the time)
  • The tooth brush tip can be bought separately, so you’ll have a brush AND a floss for the price of a floss.

The tips have to be replaced every 3 months.
The waterpik model is sold at $54,99 (tips included, except for the brush tip).

Then there’s the new AirFloss 100 series from Sonicare by Philips
AirFloss features microburst technology that delivers microdroplets of air and water to remove plaque biofilm between teeth.
Quick cleaning of your 32 teeths in less than 60 seconds.
The AirFloss comes with one pick in the package but only one pin in …
Both floss air and water will make you bleed the 1st week, then your gum will get use to it.
The water floss is softer with your gum than the air floss.

I used both, with the Waterpick,

  • You have a 4 minutes autonomy
  • The possibility to fine tune the pressure

The AirFloss

  • Cleans your inner teeth in less than 60 seconds
  • Provides you only one pressure burst that you can activate

All the flossing systems will have your dentist smile all his teeth out the next time you’ll visit him. I hope he flosses too 😉

ChaseIt or Bchased ?
ChaseIt because flossing is important.
I like the AirFloss but my hubby hates it and only wants Waterpik … Then what machine to chase ? It’s really personal and I guess you need to discuss it with your Dentist.

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Never enough plugs !

20 Jan

Never enought plugs while travelling ? Me too, my rating of a hotel starts with the number of plugs I find in my  room. Now with the Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB charger, I will smoother my rating with a new criteria, “how close is the plug to my bed?”. Usually, I need to plug my iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Blackberry desk charger and my Up. This great device gives  you: 3 power outlets and 2 USB slots,on one plug, all 5 of them protected against power surge. The price is sweet: 24,95$. Extra mention for the rotating plug !

Available at the Apple Store

10 apps worth downloading and that you will use.

16 Jan

One of the killer features of the iPhone is the apps. But after a while and some crazy downloads whenever you have a minute ahead of you, you just use a bunch of apps. I sorted them and picked the ones I downloaded recently and that I use daily. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate.
For your iPhone.
1. BC Reader
Wanna keep your addressbook up to date but hate typing in all the datas ? Same here, so why not give a try to this app? It will scan the business cards and save them in your addressbook. Don’t forget to check the datas, sometimes it may skip a character depending on the artwork of the card or the lighting. Its not a free app.
2. Dropbox
Before IOS5, I was really into Mobile me big time. I like to store datas and it was great to share pictures through the gallery. Since IOS5, I switched to Dropbox and it’s great for storing and sharing. If you go over 5Gb, you’ll have to migrate to the pay version. Perfect on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and every time a friend signs in, you get an extra 500MB storage!
3. Facebook messenger
You may know people who don’t have a Blackberry or an iPhone … And you still want to talk to them. Its easy with this great app that will let you message your friends on Facebook. It’s like using the Blackberry messenger but between a computer and your iPhone. Plain and simple, it does the trick !
4. Find Friends
Mommy wants to track you down ? Wanna know where is your brother and what he is doing or you just want to find your stolen iPhone/Pad. Find Friends will track you and your friends down untill you turn the Follow option off. Don’t friend your boss though 😉
5. Notica
Wanna standout when updating your Facebook status or sending your best e-wishes ? This app will customize one of your picture, add a title, comment and frame it. Then you’ll be able to share it. You’ll have to pay for this app.

For your iPad.
1. HGTV To Go
Always deemed about having a bigger house ?
I like to watch the tv shows of “Selling New york” with the Kleiers, “Selling LA”, “Property Virgins” with Sandra Rinomato.
2. Bamboo Paper
It’s a great app if you like to write down with you finger or a stylus on you iPad. Then you’ll be able to send them by mail. Free app. Exist also with cloud archiving for $1,99
3. Hootsuite
To manage your many Twitter accounts (up to 5 with the free version). Great to schedule your tweets.
4. FitnessClass
Great to sculp your abs, lose wait, practice yoga … Video courses with experts. You’ll pay by class, I take the 30 days pass but you can also purchase the class. Some lessons are free.
5. Measure
Need a ruler on the fly ? Download this app easy to use … Just a ruler in inches and centimers. Free app.

Don’t forget to check my 10 favorite app

PeopleTowels, towels by people for people

9 Jan

What does your mom always say to you since you were born? “Wash your hands when you go to the bathroom”, “Wash your hands before coming to diner, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash you hands !!!
So either you have very very dirty hands or your moma is right and we should all wash our hands more often.
Lots of bacteria are crawling on your hands, so the smart move is to use the anti bactericid gel or to bring your personnal towel everywhere with you. Why ? Because you spare paper towels and don’t touch the dubious public towels !
Why carry my own towel with me ? Like the klean kanteen or Tervis Tumbler I bring to the office or picnics? YES!
The little american company called TowelPeople brought back from Japan the centenial use of the personnal towel that japanese people carry with them all day long.
This eco-habit is cool because it reduces paper waste and recycling costs; it leaves the tree alone and on top of it you got your very own and customised clean towel (it can be a nice gift for your moma).
The PeopleTowels are available in the US as a 1 day supply up to a 5 days supply.
It’s a great idea, moma would like it and the planet is interested too 😉

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