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That’s how they say Merry Xmas at Otterbox, and I like it !

12 Dec

About a week ago, I placed an order on to offer my iPad2 a brand new nest: the Reflex Series for iPad2.
I went for this case because

  • it’s light
  • it offers a good protection
  • and it looks great

The Reflex Series for iPad 2 is a 2 pieces case with

  • the back protection slides appart for docking access (I use the regular Apple link so no need to split it open)
  • the back is made of polycarbonate molded with TPE rubber
  • one particularity is the opening at the bottom right of the case that redirects the sound towards me, enhancing the listening experience when I watch my TV shows or listen to radios


  • the front protection is used to protect the front of your iPad (when not in use) but also as a multiple position stand
  • If you dont want to use it as a stand, just clip it on the back of your iPad

When I ordered it, I didn’t pay attention to Otterbox’s offer and I was surprised when I unpacked to see that they sent me complimentary items like the utility latch, a protective screen and a mug. Thank you Otterbox!

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because

  • it’s a great protection for your iPad, that will now survive rought treatments in style
  • that king of protection should be heavier, but the Reflex Series only weights 10,3OZ or 294gr
  • the price is at the top of the range but it’s worth it, because Otterbox doesn’t compromise when it comes to protect your devices (and there’s a discount on the site right now)
  • it’s sleek and looks amazing on my iPad

BChased, if you want a colored and funny case

More infos on
Otterbox‘s official website
Follow @Otterbox on Twitter


Check out my tennis workout today

11 Dec

The Up from Jawbone got a “workout mode” that analyses you workout and split it in vigorous, moderate and light.
To summarize, I played tennis for 1 hour and 57 minutes, burned 203,8calories, run for 4,65km (6066 steps).
The exercise was vigorous during 34 minutes, moderate during 11 minutes and light for 71 minutes …

Xmas11 ChaseItOrBChased wish list

5 Dec

Dear e-Santa,
Here’s my x-mas wish list with all the great toys that can fit in my purse. Thanks for considering 😉
And Mom, shoot me a mail if you can’t find something on the list and please don’t forget to make eggnog …
See you on the 25th!!!

1. Rockbed Orange from RockForm, $79 available at RockForm, check out  this video and you’ll be impressed how strong it is
2. Isotoner smarTouch Stretch Gloves – Fleece Lined, 42$ to protect my little hands when it’s cold out so I can keep chatting with my e-buddies on my iPhone
3. It’s true I already have an iPad, an iPhone and a Blackberry but if you could nick a tiny little AirMac, 13″ screen with 256Gb, I have a weak back so it would help a lot ($1.599)

4. Womens Maylin from Ugg Australia, to keep my feet warm when I watch the snow fall
5. To carry around all the great stuff you will bring me, I suggest you to put it all in Timbuk2 bag, check it out I customised it myself
6. I need an Ida Estelle bracelet to look shiny under the xmas tree, I would go for the Santa Fe Glamour wraps, $98 (don’t hesitate, free shipping is offered for xmas)

7. To purify the air in my cosy tiny-little cocoon, I would like the Andrea air filtration system (only $149 to have clean air filtered by a plant), my lungs will be thankfull to breath clean unpolutated air  from bad chemichals (from the paints, solvants, … used home). Need a plug to activate it during the day.
8. Fermob Bistrot 2 chairs and table in orange to put on my tiny little space outside home, so I can strech my legs when spring comes
9. Always dreamed about having a pet ? But don’t feel like cleaning his cage or walking him after dinner when Doctor House just started ? Buy an EcoSphere and watch you shrimps grow in this closed environment. You don’t have to take care about anything.

  • the algae will take care of oxygene used by the shrimps,
  • the bacteria will break down the shrimps wastes and produce nutrients used by the alguae.

Your job will be to monitor the light received by the EcoSphere. The shrimps have a life expectancy of 2-3 years. EcoSphere was created to give company to the space explorers on long term missions. (from $79 for $489).


I was active yesterday

3 Dec

20111203-011637 PM.jpg

So says my Up from Jawbone. We went to Disneyland paris and walked like crazy. We did lots of rollercoasters, don’t know how the bracelet interpreted it but at the end o the day. I walked 5,01 km the equivalent of 11.318 steps burning 645 calories ! Thanks Mickey

Smart peebles ?

2 Dec

yes, peebles can be smart! At least they are when they come from Korea. The peebles are made of silicone, they are hollow and when pushed they suck the air and stay put. Check it out, I put them on my window just for fun (it was useless but cute).

I use the smart peebles to

  • block my iPad from sliding on my desk
  • lift my Blackeberry so I can read the screen without holding it (I’m lazy, I know)

They are fun to use at the office and bring a little bit of colors.
You can also use them home to put under a hot pan (but you will probably need more than 2, I guess).
Smart peebles come by two and cost 15,99$.
Note that DesignMaxxx, the Korean company, gives you the opportunity to customise the peebles if you want to use it as merchandise for your company.

ChaseIt or BeChased ?
ChaseIt, because it’s fun, cheap BUT difficult to find in a shop. They are available online on Amazon though.

More infos on

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