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Gum Plus Power Pack, juice for your e-devices

19 Dec

You are a lucky owner of an iPhone or iPad or a Blackberry ? And sometimes you sweat big drops because you can’t play on your favorite game in the subway or use your map application to reach on time your date at a fancy restaurant you have never been too before … All this because you want to spare you battery life before before being able to know when you will find a pug to plug in your device.
You don’t have to worry anymore!!
Gum Plus Power Pack is there for you and will reload on the fly iPad, iPhone, or any USB-powered devices.

What do you get in the box ?

The Gum Plus, 2 cables (mini-USB to USB and one USB to iPhone/iPad cables), and one little pouch.

How does it work ?

  1. Use the mini-USB to USB cable with your iPad/iPhone charger and charge it. It’s charged when the little lights of the Gum Plus are all green.
  2. Then turn it off and carry it with you (don’t forget you iPhone/iPad cable).
  3. Whenever you feel like charging your iPhone/iPad, link it and turn the Gum on. It will start loading your device. In less than 60 minutes, you’ll be back at 80% of autonomy!!

ChaseIt or BeChased ?
ChaseIt, because it will reload-reload-reload and reload 4 times your iPhone before needing to be recharged on a real plug !!! It will also free you from the wall plug.
The life saver comes at a price of $ 69,95USD. It’s a little expensive, because some similar devices start at 29,95USD but this one really does the job and you can count on it whenever you are in need.

For the heavy users among us, Just Mobile just released the Gum Max iPad charger.

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Just Mobile Official website
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