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Senz umbrellas

15 Dec

Rainy days, rainy days, … After Hurricane Irene, after the heavy rains that postponed the US open matches for 2 days, … I decided it was time for me to buy an umbrella. I couldn’t go for a cheap average umbrella that wouldn’t match my style. After a little bit of research, I settled for the Senz umbrella.

Why ?
Because it’s an umbrella that looks cool and different.
Because you can use it when it rains ! Which is good for an umbrella …
But also when the sun is shining and tries to roast you while on the beach, your umbrella will protect you from UV!
And finally because it is storm proof.

The Senz exists in 4 models and 10 different colors.

  • Senz original, UV protection, storm proof up to 60mph
  • Senz XL, UV protection, storm proof up to 60mph
  • Senz mini, UV protection, storm proof up to 50mph
  • Senz mini ao, UV protection, storm proof up to 50mph, opens with one push of a button

As the aim of the game is not to spend all day long under the rain, I picked the mini model, color Yellow Haze (it means yellow), priced at 43€.

ChaseIt or BeChased ?
ChaseIt, because

      it’s a cool product that will protect you from the rain and the sun in style and you’ll probably be the last one standing when the t-storm will come.

The only issue is that you can’t buy it from the official site if you live in the US or Canada. Europe, Asia are covered though.

More infos on
Senz official website

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