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Smooth awakening rather than a cold shower on a Monday morning ? Your choice !

12 Dec

Tired of being awaken by your screaming alarm clock while you are dreaming of your brand new appartement on 5th ave that the Kleiers just found for you ? That was just a dream so WAKE UP !
I have a solution for you, the smart alarm function of my Up from Jawbone.
How does it work ?
Program your wristband to your wake up time, in my case it’s 8:15am on the weekdays and don’t wake me up before in the week-end.
Then synchronise your wristand and do whatever you need to.
The Up will wake you up between 7:45 to 8:15am when your sleep is the lightest by vibrating on your wrist. If you sleep like a log, it will wake just on time at 8:15.
The result, you wake up on time or a little bit before, fresher because the brand analyses your microvibrations and knows when to wake you up. Nice to have, your bed-buddy can sleep over because he/she won’t be disturbed by the alarm clock.
I used it for 3 weeks now and I like it !

That’s how they say Merry Xmas at Otterbox, and I like it !

12 Dec

About a week ago, I placed an order on to offer my iPad2 a brand new nest: the Reflex Series for iPad2.
I went for this case because

  • it’s light
  • it offers a good protection
  • and it looks great

The Reflex Series for iPad 2 is a 2 pieces case with

  • the back protection slides appart for docking access (I use the regular Apple link so no need to split it open)
  • the back is made of polycarbonate molded with TPE rubber
  • one particularity is the opening at the bottom right of the case that redirects the sound towards me, enhancing the listening experience when I watch my TV shows or listen to radios


  • the front protection is used to protect the front of your iPad (when not in use) but also as a multiple position stand
  • If you dont want to use it as a stand, just clip it on the back of your iPad

When I ordered it, I didn’t pay attention to Otterbox’s offer and I was surprised when I unpacked to see that they sent me complimentary items like the utility latch, a protective screen and a mug. Thank you Otterbox!

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because

  • it’s a great protection for your iPad, that will now survive rought treatments in style
  • that king of protection should be heavier, but the Reflex Series only weights 10,3OZ or 294gr
  • the price is at the top of the range but it’s worth it, because Otterbox doesn’t compromise when it comes to protect your devices (and there’s a discount on the site right now)
  • it’s sleek and looks amazing on my iPad

BChased, if you want a colored and funny case

More infos on
Otterbox‘s official website
Follow @Otterbox on Twitter

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