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The battle of the messengers

26 Dec

What’s App vs Viber vs Blackberry IM vs iMessage vs FaceTime vs TalkBox vs Tango…

So Christmas went well, you spent all your dollars on gifts for your family and friends. So now you are broke BUT you still need to keep in touch with your fans, e-buddy and your tribe at the lowest price or even for free.

Check out the applications out there that will help you communicate at the cheapest rate (if you use a free wifi connection).

So what is the difference between all those apps ?
If you own a Blackberry, Blackberry IM is just mandatory

  • You’ll message your friends, one by one or with a global message to all your opened chats
  • You can move your contacts in groups to sort them out
  • You’ll be able to see when your message has been delivered or not, when it has been read (and maybe ignored by your ex-friend)
  • You’ll be able to send pictures and videos, to customize your icone profile and messages
  • It works of course only between Blackberries
  • The price will depend on your subscription, usually it’s free if you stay in your country

Then you have What’s App, which works on both Blackberry and iPhone. An iPhone user will be able to chat with a Blackberry user!

  • One v will tell you the message reached your friend
  • Two vv will confirm you that your friend read it (so you can bug your friend if he hasn’t replied because now you know he read your message)
  • You’ll be able to send pictures and videos, to customize your icone profile and messages
  • You’ll be able to see when your friend last appeared online

iMessage, before on with IOS4 you could text your friends … Now with IOS5 you can iMessage them.

  • It’s kind of a cross between Blackberry messenger and text with the option of sending pictures // check for videos
  • Now download is necessary if you already have IOS5 installed on your iPhone, just go to your message app and start chatting with your friends. If their iPhone is running IOS5 then you’ll iMessage them in blue and if not, you are just texting
  • iMessage will show when your message is delivered and when your friends is answering you; nothing revolutionary
  • You can create chat rooms with friends. It will stay opened until you close it. Smart and useful.

Viber is cool for audio calls and sms

  • Your contacts already on Viber will appear in your addressbook, you don’t have to do anything it will do it automatically
  • It only works while wifi-connected
  • You can’t use Viber on iPod Touch or iPad Wifi (because you need to have access to the addressbook), it’s not available on Blackberry

FaceTime, when Apple released the iPhone4, they heavely promoted FaceTime as a killer app

  • It works if you and your friends are both at the same time wifi-connected. Then you’ll be available to video chat
  • You can’t text-chat while in conference, too bad

I tested it and it’s not really effective. Even when wifi connected, calls don’t go through so I prefer using Skype.

Skype is great for videochat, message. Sometimes the communication breaks down, but you can’t complain: it’s free and works perfectly most of the time. You have to add manually your Skype contacts.
It doesn’t work on Blackberry though.

Talkbox is a kind of a vocal message box, kinda internet walkie talkie

  • basically, you need to find and add your friends that are already on Talkbox (by browsing your addressbook or your Facebook account)
  • then you record and leave a vocal message to your friends kinda like a text chat but vocal
  • You can leave either a vocal message, send a text or a picture


  • after installing the app, as Viber, all your contacts using Tango will appear in your contacts list ready to be chatted
  • this app is built around the video chat, so no text messages or photo sharing

I use daily Blackberry IM, Skype, What’s App, iMessage and I will try to get my friends on Talkbox.
Those apps will help you reduce you phone bills. Of course, don’t use them abroad while roaming, wait to be in a Starbucks and free wifi connected 😉
Don’t hesitate to share your tips on Messenger apps.

Gum Plus Power Pack, juice for your e-devices

19 Dec

You are a lucky owner of an iPhone or iPad or a Blackberry ? And sometimes you sweat big drops because you can’t play on your favorite game in the subway or use your map application to reach on time your date at a fancy restaurant you have never been too before … All this because you want to spare you battery life before before being able to know when you will find a pug to plug in your device.
You don’t have to worry anymore!!
Gum Plus Power Pack is there for you and will reload on the fly iPad, iPhone, or any USB-powered devices.

What do you get in the box ?

The Gum Plus, 2 cables (mini-USB to USB and one USB to iPhone/iPad cables), and one little pouch.

How does it work ?

  1. Use the mini-USB to USB cable with your iPad/iPhone charger and charge it. It’s charged when the little lights of the Gum Plus are all green.
  2. Then turn it off and carry it with you (don’t forget you iPhone/iPad cable).
  3. Whenever you feel like charging your iPhone/iPad, link it and turn the Gum on. It will start loading your device. In less than 60 minutes, you’ll be back at 80% of autonomy!!

ChaseIt or BeChased ?
ChaseIt, because it will reload-reload-reload and reload 4 times your iPhone before needing to be recharged on a real plug !!! It will also free you from the wall plug.
The life saver comes at a price of $ 69,95USD. It’s a little expensive, because some similar devices start at 29,95USD but this one really does the job and you can count on it whenever you are in need.

For the heavy users among us, Just Mobile just released the Gum Max iPad charger.

More infos on
Just Mobile Official website
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Senz umbrellas

15 Dec

Rainy days, rainy days, … After Hurricane Irene, after the heavy rains that postponed the US open matches for 2 days, … I decided it was time for me to buy an umbrella. I couldn’t go for a cheap average umbrella that wouldn’t match my style. After a little bit of research, I settled for the Senz umbrella.

Why ?
Because it’s an umbrella that looks cool and different.
Because you can use it when it rains ! Which is good for an umbrella …
But also when the sun is shining and tries to roast you while on the beach, your umbrella will protect you from UV!
And finally because it is storm proof.

The Senz exists in 4 models and 10 different colors.

  • Senz original, UV protection, storm proof up to 60mph
  • Senz XL, UV protection, storm proof up to 60mph
  • Senz mini, UV protection, storm proof up to 50mph
  • Senz mini ao, UV protection, storm proof up to 50mph, opens with one push of a button

As the aim of the game is not to spend all day long under the rain, I picked the mini model, color Yellow Haze (it means yellow), priced at 43€.

ChaseIt or BeChased ?
ChaseIt, because

      it’s a cool product that will protect you from the rain and the sun in style and you’ll probably be the last one standing when the t-storm will come.

The only issue is that you can’t buy it from the official site if you live in the US or Canada. Europe, Asia are covered though.

More infos on
Senz official website

My pets rock, what about yours ?

14 Dec

Wanna look smart when you clean your iPhone 4S screen or your MacBook Pro ? I got the sweet little microfibre cloths to clean the fingers prints on your screens (4€).

When you swipe your metrocard over the terminal, do it in style with the Takkoda plastic sleeve (3€).

Fun, smart and affordable.

More infos on
Takkoda official website
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Smooth awakening rather than a cold shower on a Monday morning ? Your choice !

12 Dec

Tired of being awaken by your screaming alarm clock while you are dreaming of your brand new appartement on 5th ave that the Kleiers just found for you ? That was just a dream so WAKE UP !
I have a solution for you, the smart alarm function of my Up from Jawbone.
How does it work ?
Program your wristband to your wake up time, in my case it’s 8:15am on the weekdays and don’t wake me up before in the week-end.
Then synchronise your wristand and do whatever you need to.
The Up will wake you up between 7:45 to 8:15am when your sleep is the lightest by vibrating on your wrist. If you sleep like a log, it will wake just on time at 8:15.
The result, you wake up on time or a little bit before, fresher because the brand analyses your microvibrations and knows when to wake you up. Nice to have, your bed-buddy can sleep over because he/she won’t be disturbed by the alarm clock.
I used it for 3 weeks now and I like it !

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