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Small boost to get you to the nearest plug in style

25 Nov

So I was toying with my iPhone all day long (taking pictures, answering emails and shooting videos) when my iPhone messaged me “red battery, less than 20% left”. How am i going to follow my itinery and continue to communicate in style … I started to worry. My e-life savior was the mophie !
I storm into the Toronto Eaton center Apple store and checked out their accessories wall to buy an external power for my iPhone. Plenty of solutions but I needed something small, handy that looked good and that would complement my Gum power plus by Just mobile (that I forgot to charge …). I went for the keyring Mophie Juice pack reserve (2 bigger sizes are available).
It’s small, compact and hides a USB plug as well as the plug to charge the iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad. It will give you a 30% autonomy, which is enough time to go plug in your iPhone somewhere.
ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because it’s small and it really helps you when in deep problem. It’s better to leave the phone charging on the table for the plug to stay neat inside the iPhone; the plug may move when you walk and leave you phone hooked on the Mophie in your bag (that’s the only down). When you buy it, it’s already charged which is nice ! The keyring Mophie Juice Pack reserve’s priced is $34,95.

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