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Tie that thing down !

30 Nov

You’re tired to have to untangle the earphones of your iPhone, your charger of  your Blackberry, the iPhone cable ?
I got the solution!
I mean not me but the guys from Niteize do !
They invented the GearTie, a sweet reusable rubber twist tie (as it’s written on the carton board coming with it).

Available in 6 sizes and 8 colors (Black, Blue, Lime, Silver, Forest Green, Pink, Red, Yellow, Purple, Desert Tan, Foliage Green, Coyote Brown, Dark Navy Blue, Bright Orange).
The use of those tie is unlimited and they can resist UV, water, salt water. You can use them indoor as well as outdoor.
The price is sweet too

  • $4,49 for the 3″ 2 pack
  • $4,49 for the 6″ 2 pack
  • $5,59 for the 12″ 2 pack
  • $5,99 for the 18″ 2 pack
  • $6,49 for the 24″ 2 pack
  • $7,40 for the 32″ 2 pack

More infos on
Niteize Gear Tie website
Check the S-binner ChaseIt Or BChased review, another innovative product from Niteize


My Up said i slept well tonight

29 Nov

20111129-083225 AM.jpg

Here’s the pattern of my sleep. See the difference between deep, light and awaken period #IHeartUP #Jawbone

Jawbone Era vs Icone

28 Nov Era vs Icone

It’s an endeavor to choose an earphone. Wireless or wire ? Bluetooth ? Noise assassin ? Multi connections ?

OK, roll up your sleeves and let’s dig in this.
I bought my 1st Jawbone 3 years ago, it was the Premium. Last year I switch to the Icone and now I just bought the new Era.
So what is the difference between all of them ?
Jawbone is famous for creating the first earphone that works through the contact of your cheek and for pointing to the mouth. I like the idea that your jaw conducts the sound of your voice. That’s different from the other earphones !

They also invented the Noise assassin. This function kills the sound around you.
The  sound also adjusts itself depending on your environment; you can turn it down or up throuh your phone volume function.

The earphone comes with buds in 3 different sizes and 2 different models, with an earloop, so you can wear it just the way you want.
You can also keep it in the ear when you’re not on the phone and still hear well  because of the drop position.
The new buds are really cool with a little canal that goes slightly deeper in your ear. The sound is perfect.
The autonomy is now 5 hours when you talk or 10 days in the standby mode. It’s enough time to talk with your bff about the last episode of Bachelor pad (is Vienna really mean ? Jack was so nice but … anyways Jack is not in the pad anymore, so who cares !).
Charging time goes from 30minutes for 80% of charge and 60minutes for a full charge.

Multi points connections. You can connect up to 8 devices to your Jawbone and the earphone will switch automatically to the phone ringing. You can even pair it with your laptop or iPad at the same time! How cool is that ?

Like the iPad and iPhone, the Era integrates an … accelerometer ! Can you believe it ? It will help you pair your earpiece to your phone and also take calls.

The coolest feature is the fact that you can program your earphone by updating its software through the MyTalk program. You’ll be able to program a favorite number, choose the voice that talks to you in the earphone to say “You got 10 minutes of talk time remaining” or “Jawbone is ready, what’s up with the phone”, the Era can also store the name of 10 contacts and will say their name in the earphone when they call you. Like the GPS you can choose the voice talking to you, I chose “The rogue”.

ChaseIt or BeChased ?
BeChased because wired headphones are way better than bluetooth headphones. BUT bluetooth headphones are stylish and you don’t have to untangle the cables before every call … The Era is an improvement in term of function and technology on the side BUT my interlocutors keep telling me that the reception is bad.

Also the pricing of the Era is at the top of the range with 129$, kinda expensive if you compare it to a first price bluetooth at BestBuy that you can get for as low as 29$. So, I decided to bring back my Era and stick to my old Icone! Sorry, but it’s too expensive to have people asking to call you on your landline number …

More infos on

Small boost to get you to the nearest plug in style

25 Nov

So I was toying with my iPhone all day long (taking pictures, answering emails and shooting videos) when my iPhone messaged me “red battery, less than 20% left”. How am i going to follow my itinery and continue to communicate in style … I started to worry. My e-life savior was the mophie !
I storm into the Toronto Eaton center Apple store and checked out their accessories wall to buy an external power for my iPhone. Plenty of solutions but I needed something small, handy that looked good and that would complement my Gum power plus by Just mobile (that I forgot to charge …). I went for the keyring Mophie Juice pack reserve (2 bigger sizes are available).
It’s small, compact and hides a USB plug as well as the plug to charge the iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad. It will give you a 30% autonomy, which is enough time to go plug in your iPhone somewhere.
ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because it’s small and it really helps you when in deep problem. It’s better to leave the phone charging on the table for the plug to stay neat inside the iPhone; the plug may move when you walk and leave you phone hooked on the Mophie in your bag (that’s the only down). When you buy it, it’s already charged which is nice ! The keyring Mophie Juice Pack reserve’s priced is $34,95.

More infos on
Mophie Juice pack reserve website
S-Biner ChaseItOrBChased article

Today will be iSunny with an iCloud in your iSky

23 Nov

MobileMe is dead, long life to iCloud!
Why should you use and abuse of it ? What does it bring to your iLife ? How does it work ? And how will it or not replace MobileMe? How to use it in your daily life in order to be super-productive like your boss expects you to be ?

Those are the questions I’ll try to answer today !

  • First you need IOS5 on you iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).
  • Then you need an iTunes ID.
  • Then you are entitled to have an iCloud, your very own cloud above your head 😉

The concept of the cloud is the 100% dematerialization of the content of your computer/iphone/ipad into the cloud.
I mean

  • pictures,
  • music,
  • videos,
  • documents (powerpoint or keynote, excel or numbers, word or pages, …),

no longer occupy space on your hardware.

Basically, if your computer is lost, broken, too old or if you lose your iPhone … you can replace the content of it by reaching to the cloud to grab all the content waiting for you up there.
The iCloud just launched by beloved Steve Jobs does have a twist: it will automatically store all the music, tv shows, films, books, apps you bought using your iTunes ID, as well as the last 1.000 pictures you took with your iPhone …
So for free all your content bought on iTunes will be stored in a 5Gb cloud.

To turn the iCloud option ON, follow those easy steps

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Select “iCloud”
  • enter you Apple ID and tick on or off the content you don’t want to sync in your cloud among all you devices

Cool, BUT what about the CDs you bought legally in a music store that you threw away ? What about your home videos of your last vacation in Florida ?

Pay attention to the fact that

  • the pictures will stay on the cloud up to 30 days... Then what ? they disappear from the cloud (but stay on the devise you used to take the pictures with). The pictures will be visible on your iPhone too and ready to be downloaded on your computer hard disk. On Mac, you’ll need Lion operating system, on PC you’ll have to download an update.

You want to store your presentations, excel and word documents, then you need to buy (one time) the ios version of Keynote, Numbers and Page for your IOS devices (it will do for iPhone and iPad, each app is priced 7,95$). For the Mac, each software is listed at $19,95.
Pay attention to the fact that if you want to store different format than the powerpoint, excel or word, you won’t be able to store those on the iCloud and you’ll need then to get a dropbox account.

If you want extra storage for your docs, it will cost you

  • 20$ for 10 extra Gb
  • 40$ for 20 extra Gb
  • 100$ for 50 extra Gb

Why use the iCloud ? Because you will have a total synchronization of you content across your iDevices without having to synchronize, like you did before, the iPhone, then your iPad on your computer. It’s really impressive to see the documents you just typed on your iPad already on your iPhone and on your computer in a matter of seconds.

ChaseIt or BChased ?

In short, you don’t really have the choice, all the iTunes content (music, TV shows, and pictures) are already on the cloud and you just have to turn on the option on your iDevices to synchronize them all together. It’s free for the first 5Gb.

BChased  because if  you need extra room for your content or documents … a dropbox will be necessary (2Gb free, then 99$ for 50Gb a year). And you will then be able to store the docs like you did on MobileMe, share folders of pictures, presentations, …

The only way is UP !

21 Nov

“The only way is UP baby” sang Yazz back in the 80s (check it out on iTunes), now it’s Jawbone’s turn to sing it with the release of its brand new toy called “UP“.
The UP is a bracelet that you can wear 24/7. It’s autonomy goes up to 10 days when fully charged (fully charged in 80 minutes).
It then upload all your activities on iPhone or iPad through its jack plug:

  • Working in your cubicle
  • Running at the park
  • Grabing lunch at Dean and DeLuca
  • Watching “Property virgins” with Sandra Rinomato on HGTV while eating crisps
  • Sleeping on your Tempur bed
  • Playing Spin Tennis at the wii

It will track down everything you do and tip off you eDevice and crunch the data to draw your profile.
Aim of the game to improve your life by doing excercise, eating healthier, oversleeping on Sunday … getting you conscious about your pattern and bad habits.
So when it was released on the 2nd week of November, I had to buy one and test it (so far, it’s available in the US and Canada at Best Buys, Apple Store … Coming soon in Europe). The bracelet’s price is $99.
First, what color was i supposed to choose ? Black, silver, 2 kinds of reds, blue, dark brown and bright white. I kept it low profile and bought a black one.
I’ve been testing it for a few days and it’s fun.

What is the UP tracking 24/7 ?

  • Turn it on day mode when you wake up by pushing the silver button and it starts tracking your physical activities.
  • Take a picture of what you eat and add it to your daily activities. It won’t count the calories (too bad, maybe it’s for the next app update), but will ask you how you feel 1 hour after you ate (hungry, full …).
  • When you exercices,  press-press and hold the silver button and the tracking will start.
  • Then when you’ll finally go to bed, turn it back to sleep mode and while you’re sleeping like a baby, the “Up” won’t be sleeping but monitoring your sleep and wake up period.

Upload then the content of the Up whenever you want by connecting the end of the bracelet into the jack plug of the iPhone or iPad, then you’ll see the graph of your day.

  • The 1st tracks my daily activities. How many steps, miles or km and calories done or burnt.
  • The 2nd graph shows the food you ate and when you ate it (just take a picture before eating and put it in the iPhone right away)
  • The 3rd graph reports my sleep with a split between light/deep sleep and awaken period.

The Up is also a communitarian device. You can create teams and participate to challenges “eat 1 veggie and 1 fruit every meal during 14 days”, “drink 8 glasses of water every day” … I’m not yet into challenges, but who knows maybe i’ll be later?

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because it makes you conscious about your way of life: exercising/eating and sleeping habits. It’s also fun too!
The price is a little hight ($99) but it’s a sweet toy for grown ups.

More infos on
Jawbone Up page
Follow @iheartup, the Up community on Twitter
Dean and DeLuca
Property virgins” with Sandra Rinomato
Tempur beds

Pop ! for your phone

17 Nov

Native Union is a small company based in Hong Kong. They have 8 products in their catalogue, all accessories for mobile phones.

I have a crush on the pop handset that you connect through the jack plug of your phone. It has the great advantage to keep the bad waves away from your head and brain. It also gives you a vintage-look while skyping with your co-workers.

It’s super easy to use. Plug it in the headphone jack and here it is, ready to talk! It will also be able to play game with your other hand while talking … The touch of the pop is smooth, and the sound quality is perfect!
The price is decent, about  $38USD.
7 colors are proposed: violet, pink, red, blue, green, black and yellow.

ChaseIt or BeChased ?
ChaseIt, because it’s a great xmas gift for you or your loved-ones !

More infos on
Native Union official website

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