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Bubble Tea around the world

28 Oct

What ? You don’t know bubble tea ! Not tea but bubble tea. The bubbles make the difference.
Bubble tea aka boba is a sweet tea with tapioca little balls (made from manioc) that you swallow and chew through a wide straw.

@Lili’s 57 @Zen Zoo, Paris Zen Zoo

This beverage comes from Taiwan and starts to develop around the world.
Boba can be with or without milk BUT always with the bubbles. The tapioca balls stay at the bottom of your glass and the treat is to eat them all.
Warm or cold, mildly sweetened or sweet, drink the BBT the way you like it.
You need to try, it’s fun !

Chase it around the world (those addresses have been cleared by Taiwanese friends) in
Melbourne, through the chain Easy Way
Paris, Zen Zoo
New York, Lili’s 57

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