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Nuts about coconut water ?

24 Oct

Coconut water is really fashionable right now. What is this all about ? Why should you try ? Is it good for your health ?
I discovered coconut water last year and I tried different brands among those VitaCoco endorsed by Rihanna … Oulala.

First of all, water coconut (liquid inside young coconut) is NOT to be mistaken with coconut milk (mix of coconut meat and water).
Coconut water is about hydration. It contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium. On top of it, there’s zero fat, cholesterol and no added sugar. It’s also gluten free.
Then it’s an issue of taste, every brand of water coco tastes differentely. So that part is up to you.
I LIKE Zico taste.

Why should you drink it ? Coconut water is really good when you do sport because when you run a lot, you loose stuff that will be compensate through the coconut water full of electrolytes and potassium.
If you don’t run a lot, should you still drink it ? Yes! Because you still need to drink to stay hydrated.
What does it taste like ? All the brands taste differently, so you have to try try it and make up your mind. Zico also offers different flavors like chocolate, pineapple, … I’m not really a fan of the flavored ones thought so I stick to the natural version.
Zico packages the coconut whater in a plastic bottle instead of a tetra pack with straw …
The only thing that isn’t cool about Zico is the price, but its so good for your health that you should mind the price. And as they like to say: “We climb the tree for you” 😉

ChaseIt or BeChased ?
ChaseIt because, it’s good for you, the taste is great (I like it) and it’s the best way to hydrate yourself fast during an effort. It’s also cool to drink a drink all day that doesn’t have added sugar !

By the way, when you bring back the bottle you get 5 cents of refund. Sweet !

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