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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, daddy used to tell me …

19 Oct

Daddy always said that i needed to have a good breakfast, to drink my milk because it’s the most important meal of the day.
And it’s true, but it’s not always easy to have time to prepare a big meal daddy would approve.
So I-Hop, Starbucks, Dean & DeLuca and Jamba Juice were created to help us… thank god !
Or… that’s why the Japanese invented the Green Tea Smoothie.
It is dairy-free, full of protein and will fill you up with energy until lunch time.

What do you need to prepare this Japanese beverage ?
Green Tea Smothie ingredients

  • 100gr kinu (soft tofu)
  • 200cl soy milk (you can use cow milk if you want)
  • 1cac matcha powder (aka green tea powder)
  • 1cas kinako powder (grilled soy beans reduced to powder)
  • 2cas brown sugar

(Don’t worry there’s a I-don’t-find-those-weird-stuff-free version below 😉 )

Put everything in the blender and push the button and tadaaa, it’s done. You just made your very own green tea smoothie !

If you don’t find the japanese ingredients, try the strawberry smoothie

  • 100gr strawberries
  • 2 cas honey
  • 200ml soy mil
  • 100gr soft tofu

Good drink, full of protein to get you through early mornings. Enjoy !!

Don’t hesitate to share your own recipes with us.

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