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You have a sink ? You have a washing machine too!

14 Oct

Do you live in a cramped apartment ?
The Kleyers (from”Selling NY” on HGTV) didn’t help you to find a 300 sqft crib?
You are facing the dilemma of choosing between a dishwasher and a washing machine ? And you decided to go for the dishwasher
because you have sensitive hands and you prefer watching “America Got Talent” than washing your dirty plates …
BUT now if  you have a sink,  you have a washing machine too thanks to Smeg !!!
Smeg created a washing machine with a sink on top of it. Handy or what ? Handy and smart !
LBL14 exists in white, blue or pink. I wen’t for the blue one.
It’s expensive but you won’t waste 90 minutes of your life every week fighting with your fellow roommates to do laundry 😉

Sorry it’s not available in the US.

More info (in french) on

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