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101 tips for iPhone/Pad, How to block the orientation of the screen ?

12 Oct

A trustfull ChaseItOrBChased reader from Miami asked me once how to block the orientation of the screen of her iPhone.
Here’s the answer, as easy as 1, 2, 3 !

Double-click on the “home button”,
then scroll to the left/ right the apps until you reach the end/beginning of the apps page.

Take a look at what’s displayed on your screen:

  • the 1st icone will block the orientation of the screen
  • the 2nd  will play/stop/pause the music you are listening to from your library
  • (on your iPad, you’ll have a slider to adjust the brightness of the screen)
  • the 3rd is about the volume of the music you are listening to

When you click on the 1st icone, you’ll block the orientation of the screen and a little icone “blocked orientation” will appear on the top right of your screen.
This is really useful when

  • You show pictures to someone and want to maximize the size
  • You read articles on your couch
  • You watch a video laying on your bed

Here’s Tip #2 just for you, because I’m in a good mood:

– triple tap the home button to see what it does.

It’s really handy when you read a book in a dark place, in a plane, in your bed before going to sleep. It will relieve your eyes.
Triple tap again, and you’re back to normal.

Tip #3 is how to show the percentage of battery left.
Clic “Settings” then “General” then “Usage” then switch the battery percentage to “on”.

Don’t hesitate to shoot us your questions, they will be answered in Wednesday’s post.

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