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Once upon a time a Spoon met a Fork, and here comes the SPORK

3 Oct

Today is Dictionnary Day! Let’s introduce a new word in your vocabulary: SPORK. A spork is a tool that combines a spoon, a fork and a knife all in one. In 2 words, a spoon married a fork and the baby was called SPORK.
The one I use (I always have one in my drawer at the office because you never know when a co-worker will pop up in your office with a cake or any type of dessert) is made by the Swedish company called Light My Fire.
The company is a mix of design and picnic gears. Their products range goes from fire starter to very smart lunch boxes and SPORKS !
Light My Fire sporks are

  • heat-resistant,
  • dishwasher safe,
  • made in polycarbonate or BPA-free,
  • durable,
  • teflon-friendly

ChaseIt or BeChased ?
ChaseIt, because
it’s cheap, cool and will brighten up your kitchen with their nice colors. They are available in 20 different colors and are now BPA-free.

More infos on
Light My Fire official website

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