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My 10 favorite iPhone apps

31 Oct

1. Saver is the app you need if you want to keep an eye on what you are spending. Saver will save your finances ! Every time you buy something, you enter your purchase in Saver (price, category, sub-category), you can even add a picture if you want. The app will then show you a nice graphic with a repartition of your monthly spendings.

2. ColorSplash is a sweet image application that allows you to change your pictures in a click in black and white and just keep whatever you like in color. You can zoom and save the pictures in your photo album. Success garanteed!

3. Where To ? It’s the greatest app ever! Wherever you might be in the world it will find you a bank, a sport shop, a Japanese restaurant, an Apple store. Name it and it will find it! You also have the possibility to save an address into your addressbook for later. You can also send the located spot to a friend so he/she can store it in their own address book. It’s really handy!

This last option brings augmented reality to your phone. I don’t like it and it confuses me. It’s easier, at least for me, to move watching a map than augmented reality … So after the 30-days free trial I didn’t subscribe for it.

4. ConvertBot. How long are  3 meters in yards ? How many °F is 12°C ? How much dollars are 125euros ? All those questions will be answered by this goodlooking app. For your info, the answer to the question# 1 is 3,28yd, the answer to question #2 is 53,6°F, and the answer of question #3 is 170,82dollars 😉

5. Contacts2 Excel is an app that will convert your address book to an Excel file. It’s really handy if you want someone to have access to your addressbook or if you want to have a hard copy of it in a safe place. First you select the contacts you want to export. You can modify the presentation of your contacts (they can be sorted by name, firstname, company). Then you choose the tab “export” and the app works. Its magic! It will then open an email with the excell file already attached to it and ready to be sent. I love it! It’s useful and free.

6. FlightBoard. Mummie takes the plan, she leaves from Boston and flies AA. Question: when does she land in Newark ? Did she leave on time ? Is she scheduled on time ? What gate will she arrive at ? It’s easy to answer all those questions with FlightBoard. It will recognize which airport is the nearest or you can just ask him which airport you want informations about. You will receive live updates every 5 minutes. It’s a great app but you have to pay for it (3,99USD). If you are a great traveller, you will also like FlighTrack which is an app that allows you to track mummie’s flight with maps (4,99USD). You will never again miss mummie at the airport.

6. Bump is a fun app that enables you to share content with friends using bluetooth connection. You’ll be able to share with your friends pictures, apps, music, calendar or invitation on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. When they say “share” they give you a link to iTunes to download legally music and apps content on your phone. To share content, you just have to bump lightly you phone with your friend’s and you’re done. Easy or what ?

7. iHurricane HD. Do you want to know if a hurricane, a t-storm or a tropical depression will hit you? Do you want to know if it’s time to bring your Senz umbrella and your Aigle rubber boots at the office? Then check out this app. You will have a real time tracker of the depression (with location, timing and trajectory). Main maps and satellite maps are available. You can also ask to receive alerts when a new storm is starting to form itself.  (price 2,99$)

8. SkyView is a sweet free app that allows you to see celestial objects on top of  your current camera view. The app uses your location and will show you the stars, satellites … around you. It’s really impressive and cool to use even in the daylight. To have access to all the options, you will have to pay 1,99$, but it’s money well spent.

9. MenuPages. If you live in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Whashington DC or South Florida, this is THE app for you. It combines geolocalisation and restaurants around you … So far nothing special BUT it also gives you the menu, the prices and reviews at your fingertip! It’s not the most beautiful app but it’s a great tool that works well. Let’s hope they work on expanding the covered cities. Bon appétit!

10. Words With friends. I’m totally hooked to this scrabble app. I mainly play it on my wifi iPad but I also like to play it when i’m on the fly in the subway, elevator … so I got both versions (for iPhone and iPad) installed. Depending on where I am, I can make my moves. The free app comes with adds and you can log in with your Facebook or Twitter account.

Bubble Tea around the world

28 Oct

What ? You don’t know bubble tea ! Not tea but bubble tea. The bubbles make the difference.
Bubble tea aka boba is a sweet tea with tapioca little balls (made from manioc) that you swallow and chew through a wide straw.

@Lili’s 57 @Zen Zoo, Paris Zen Zoo

This beverage comes from Taiwan and starts to develop around the world.
Boba can be with or without milk BUT always with the bubbles. The tapioca balls stay at the bottom of your glass and the treat is to eat them all.
Warm or cold, mildly sweetened or sweet, drink the BBT the way you like it.
You need to try, it’s fun !

Chase it around the world (those addresses have been cleared by Taiwanese friends) in
Melbourne, through the chain Easy Way
Paris, Zen Zoo
New York, Lili’s 57

Adults urban toys … fun for kids too

26 Oct

Feeling like drawing? Do you want to decorate your office or your home ?
Have you ever tried to customize vinyl toys ?
It’s fun, decorative, it will keep you busy and you might even start a collection.

What do you need to get started ?

  • a D.I.Y. toy (Qee, Munny, …)
  • Posca pens or spraycan (use the spraycan outside)
  • a blue print of the toy, if you don’t want to start from a blank sheet

Find here some examples from a French artist called ElleVegas

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Nuts about coconut water ?

24 Oct

Coconut water is really fashionable right now. What is this all about ? Why should you try ? Is it good for your health ?
I discovered coconut water last year and I tried different brands among those VitaCoco endorsed by Rihanna … Oulala.

First of all, water coconut (liquid inside young coconut) is NOT to be mistaken with coconut milk (mix of coconut meat and water).
Coconut water is about hydration. It contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium. On top of it, there’s zero fat, cholesterol and no added sugar. It’s also gluten free.
Then it’s an issue of taste, every brand of water coco tastes differentely. So that part is up to you.
I LIKE Zico taste.

Why should you drink it ? Coconut water is really good when you do sport because when you run a lot, you loose stuff that will be compensate through the coconut water full of electrolytes and potassium.
If you don’t run a lot, should you still drink it ? Yes! Because you still need to drink to stay hydrated.
What does it taste like ? All the brands taste differently, so you have to try try it and make up your mind. Zico also offers different flavors like chocolate, pineapple, … I’m not really a fan of the flavored ones thought so I stick to the natural version.
Zico packages the coconut whater in a plastic bottle instead of a tetra pack with straw …
The only thing that isn’t cool about Zico is the price, but its so good for your health that you should mind the price. And as they like to say: “We climb the tree for you” 😉

ChaseIt or BeChased ?
ChaseIt because, it’s good for you, the taste is great (I like it) and it’s the best way to hydrate yourself fast during an effort. It’s also cool to drink a drink all day that doesn’t have added sugar !

By the way, when you bring back the bottle you get 5 cents of refund. Sweet !

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Worldwide invasion!

21 Oct

Iconic figures of the video games in the 80s, the Space Invaders are still present in our lives. If you look around, you’ll find them everywhere in cities around the world (they have been traced in Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Geneve, Berlin, Melbourne, Istanbul, Bangkok, Vienna, … and even Katmandu).
Since August, I started to notice handmade Space Invaders made with post it at office’s windows in Paris… Open your eyes, they are well hidden but you can find them. Don’t hesitate to share your photos with us.

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Space Invaders around the world

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