Dexter is a creator ….

24 Jun

Some months ago, I was privileged to meet Dexter The Creator.

You knew Dexter, the dude from the tv show who is cutting people in pieces and spreading them the puzzle-way.

You also heard of the Tyler The Creator, who is famous for being an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, music video director and fashion designer.

But do you know Dexter The Creator?

After this interview you will know everything about him!

Dexter is best know for his creative deconstruction/reconstruction of sneakers … all the sneakers … from the Stan Smith to the Air Jordan.

Dexter, tell us more about your background? How did you passion for sneakers started?

I was always into cool sneakers, a lot of them started off as hand me downs but then, I really got into them when I got into skateboarding in the 5th grade!

I started collecting SB’s a couple every now and then since I was young I wasn’t buying a lot of shoes.

We get it, you love sneakers, but how did you go from loving/collecting to creating sneakers?

After the Nike SB’s I started getting into Jordan’s.

It started with the Jordan 1’s then came the 3’s I was hooked!

I kept collecting as time went on.

I started working throughout highschool which helped a lot. Then at the end of senior year into my freshman year of college I was into fashion and really started to customize and change things up.

I started replacing my Nike swooshes with Louis Vuitton, Gucci , Goyard etc.

That led me down a path to where I took a 3 day sneaker class with The Shoe Surgeon.

A month later I was working alongside him taking everything in!

I worked with him for about 10 months then ventured off to start my own bespoke service business.

How many sneakers do you own?

I have roughly about 65 pairs of sneakers!

What’s the most iconic sneakers for you?

The most iconic sneaker for me is the Jordan 1 (Bred) as it truly was the sneaker to really change the game, it set new limits for sneakers themselves.

Without this shoe who knows where sneakers would be today.

It was such a power move by Nike to not give up and really change the culture.

You recently opened your very own studio in Los Angeles, tell us more about this new adventure.

Well starting this past December I started focusing on my craft and really putting everything into it.

In April I moved my machines and work out my bedroom into a Studio in the Fashion District Downtown Los Angeles!

Since then it’s been a roller coaster things from shoes for Stan Smith to brand collaborations so it has definitely not slowed down but sped up with countless projects and possibilities!

What products do you customize?

I specialize in sneakers but I can do anything from shoes, cloths, bags, accessories, car interior, pretty much anything.

What’s the sneaker you created you are the most proud of?

The sneaker I’m most proud of creating would have to be Stan Smith’s personal pair!

He is a big supporter of mine and it was something really special for me as he gave me my first pair of Stan’s himself.

I would like a Dexter The Creator shoes, what’s the process? How long does it take and how much is it?

I would sit down with you in person or mobile where we would start laying out what the vision may look like.

From there I would create a Digital Render so you can see how it will look before moving forward.

Turn around time is approximately 2-8 weeks depending on the shoe.

What’s your next project?

You’ll see my all white shoe during next Wimbledon. I made it specially for Olympic champion and doubles grand slam champion Bethanie Mattek-Sands.

My next project is going to be a very special pair for a Baltimore Ravens executive!

Thanks for the interview Dexter, wishing you all the best with your new projects.

More info on Dexter The Creator

Sweat it out

15 Apr

Wearing an hat, a visor or an helmet while practicing your favorite sport? Or simply sweating because it’s too hot out there?

NoSweat protects you from the white mark of sweat but also avoid the sweat to trickle down you forehead straight to the eyes!

There are 4 models of disposable liners:

  • hat liner,
  • visor liner,
  • helmet liner
  • and hard hat liner,

Only the width and shapes are different, but the system is the same with the same objectives:

  • wick the sweat away from the skin,
  • keep the sweat out of the eyes
  • and reduce the sweat stains on your hat

To do so, just peel, place and stick the liner to the cap and start enjoying your sweat-less activities. When fully saturated with sweat, dispose it.

It’s cheap, effective, easy to use and it’s 100% made in America. It’s also the best way to keep you favorite cap clean …

More info on

Holiday season just started! My 2018 xmas list.

3 Dec

The turkey day is over, everybody has recovered from the food coma, Black Friday is over, the Xmas tree has been lit at the Rockefeller center … it means that the hunt for the perfect gift has just started!

Here’s my list

1. The weighted blanket aka the Gravity blanket. To fall asleep faster and deeper naturally thanks to the tiny micro beads inside the blanket that will hug your body.

2. I broke my Apple Watch serie 1 and it’s true I was always watching my wrist when I was not watching my iPhone … but I miss it. Need to close the rings, need to know what time it is in Paris and when I have my next appointment … $399 for the Apple Watch serie 4 GPS 40mm.

3. I’m a sneakerhead and I would like a private session with Dexter the Creator to customize my Van’s. Please Dexter? Dexter is one of the creatives of Surgeon Studios founded by Dominic “The Shoe Surgeon” Ciambrone.

4. Winter time calls for comforting food. What comforts me is ramen, and the first ever one star Michelin ramen joint is Tsuta Tokyo in Tokyo! I always wanted to visit Japan …

5. CO and fires claimed too many lifes lately and it’s time to protect your love ones with a detector. I chose the battery-powered Nest Protect ($119) because it combines CO and smoke detection as well as an off site monitoring through the iPhone.

6. Follow your luggage even closer than your airline. No more lost luggage with Airbolt, a Bluetooth TSA-compliant lock which let you track your luggage on your phone (iPhone and Android). Exists in 4 colors, $78,99.

7. To protect my brand new iPhone XR, I would fancy the Rockform Predator ($119). Design, light with a magnet to stick it all over ..

8. The brighten my interiors during the cold, blustery, snowy winter, I need the Pina Colada lamp (flamingo pink, $90) by The Goodnight lamp.

I’m a mini shark

17 Sep

It’s a trend, since living in the US, Shark Tank has been on TV every day of the week. It made me curious and gave me the urge to discover local startups …

For a couple of months, I’ve been contacting food and beverages startups and I discovered some interesting ones which became part of my brand new daily and healthy habits.

  • Apiterra raw Honey from Brooklyn

Perfect to make infusions, protein balls, to spread on a toast … see! Honey is not just there when you have a cough.

My favorite for the morning is ginger/tumeric (one table spoon in hot water and I sip it all morning). I alternate withe the matcha honey. I use the acay bay honey one for the protein ball.

  • NotMilk from Brooklyn.

It’s just like mommy would make it. Homemade with good products and lots of love: almond, walnuts, … basically nuts but no cows involved.

Notmilk is made with no bs and funky products but with straight and plain almonds sometimes with a twist for the adventurous ones (sesame, cinnamon or vanilla, …).

It’s also an home delivery service in beautiful glass bottles. The delivery happens 2 times a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and NotMilk takes back the empty bottles (I chose to be delivered once a week, 1 bottle (quart) each delivery).

The bottles come within a isotherm Notmilk bag.

  • Yumbutter.

Ok, we all know peanut butter and sometimes almond butter but have you ever tried the Yumbutter? It’s a small company from Wisconsin which wants to make the difference and feed the world. One pouch bought feeds one kid.

Taste it plain for pure energy or as replacement for the putter butter in you food preparations (like the protein balls, or mixed in my chia pudding, …).

  • Mombucha.
  • Made by Rich in Brooklyn! I’m not a fan of Kombucha but I like the Kombucha made by Mombucha! Beet and ginger is my favorite, and I love it in popsicles too.
  • More info

    I don’t want to part!

    9 Jul

    2018-07-01 18.07.28If you are not a skater, keep reading!!!

    When you start skating, you think about wheels, tricks, bearing, bushings, washers and decks …

    But … what about all the shoes you will buy because you skateboarding demands passion, hard work, pain and also shoes!

    Riding is easy, it’s wearing out the soles.

    When you try tricks, the whole shoes is at risk …

    • toes side because of the ollie,
    • toe caps because of the flips,
    • sole because of the grip tape …

    basically you can buy a new pair of shoes almost every month without forcing …

    OR you give a try to Shoe Goo which will make you shoes last longer … and that’s why it’s also interesting for you who don’t skate and have holes in your shoes!!

    I discovered shoe goo when I ripped apart my brand new Vans pro after a few attempts of heel flips … since then I put it everywhere and my shoes last longer!

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