Oh it’s THE O!

8 Sep

the OHow many times do you leave home in the morning, a little bit in a hurry, and you forget something you really need and you have to come back home? For me, the reasons of my early comeback can be that I forgot

  • the external battery for my phone,
  • my headphones,
  • my keys,
  • my wallet,
  • the badge for the office … and this is the short list

the O and it's key ringBasically, there’s always something we forgot at home that forces us to go back and get it.
So far, I have one TILE and it’s cool, but it is only really useful when I realise I don’t have my keys on me.
I only really use it for my keys as it is a bit clunky for anything else. And it only helps me see where I left my keys once I realise I have already lost them. At this point it is already a bit late, and I could be very far away from them.

What if there way something that could help you remember all your essentials before the morning departure? And proactively tell you in the very moment you were losing or forgetting them?

This device is called THE O and yes it’s another Bluetooth tag, but not only!
the O in action

  • THE O is  waterproof
  • and has an battery autonomy of 18 months
  • it everal accessories in the pack such as adhesives and a beautiful keychain accessory for keys and bags
  • You can sew it onto fabrics, perfect for a jacket or scarf or even umbrella
Chase It because
  • THE O creates a virtual leash between you and your belongings. The objects you don’t want to leave behind.
  • THE O will warn you the moment you are about to leave an item behind so you do not lose or forget it.
  • THE O knows when you are in a safe place so you do not get any alerts unnecessarily (at home or in the office for example)

The O is now on Kickstarter and it’s time to invest in this bright idea!

PS: You can even sew the O on your clothes!!

the O can be sewed on your clothesMore info on THE O.

Coco … Nuts?

26 Aug

Unoco, king of cocoCoconut waters have been around for many years now, so it’s time to discuss why you should buy a brand more than another …

What makes a good coconut water?

UnocoA coconut water coming straight from the nut is the best coconut water you can drink.
Coconut water doesn’t come from any nut but from a young coconut (full of nutrients).
As, you and me, we don’t live on a beach surrounded by palm trees and young coconuts … we need to find an alternative to the young coconuts in the trees.
So we head to the grocery shop or the supermarket and there comes the big question while facing the coconut aisle …
How do I chose the more genuine coconut water, the less transformed since it was in the nut?

Check the label,
1. there shouldn’t be any additives (sugar of flavours)
2. the coconut water shouldn’t be made from concentrate
3. the coconut water shouldn’t have been processed (heat pasteurized kills bacteria but also the nutrients …)

HPP is the solution to keep it all natural and full of vitamins C&B, electrolytes, …
H for high, P for Pressure and P for ProcessingHPP is the key!

My favorite brand is Unoco!

More info


12 Aug

NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6It was raining cats and dogs in Montreal, and with my little green case from apple to protect my iPhone 6, I felt miserable.

So, I took my courage and umbrella to visit to the Telus shop for a Canadian sim card (I don’t like to roam) and a cover.

NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6I decided to go for the NÜÜD, the new model from Lifeproof.

What’s different from the cover I had for my iPhone 5s?

The spectacular stunt is that there’s no more plastic screen coming on top of your iPhone screen, the protection is screenless and it’s still waterproof (and your phone can stay up to 2 hours in the water)! NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6

Meaning that your screen is in direct contact with the water. Scary!
But don’t be scared, Lifeproof put joints all around the screen that will keep the water outside your phone … I tested it and it works perfectly … I’m relieved.

NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6 NÜÜD by Lifeproof, for iPhone 6


  • The NÜÜD comes with a jack extension to keep your phone dry even when having the headphones connected
  • Ditch your non-Apple cables to charge your phone as it will not fit with the case
  • Also in the box, the screen protection
  • the price is a bit high, $80,99 but is worth it

More info on the NÜÜD

Not enough storage on your smartphone?

4 Aug

leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPadI remember I was taking pictures and at one time my iPhone tells me “can’t take this picture, don’t have any storage left” …
What? In the middle of a tennis match? What do I do? I need those pictures!
So, I frantically started to erase pictures, apps, documents and started shooting again …
Then again I was out of storage … A nightmare … I’m sure, I’m not the only one this happened to.

Now, there’s a solution and it comes from the company iBridge with their “mobile memory” called the “leef“.

The leef iBridge looks like a USB key, it’s just a look …
One side of the leef iBridge is the USB connector, the other extremity is the Lightning connector.
How does it work? Easiest can’t be!

leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad

Plug the leef iBridge in your iPhone as if you wanted to charge it.
The iPhone detects your leef iBridge  accessory and proposes you to get the free app that goes with it.

leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad

Let’s go to the AppStore to download the free app.
When the app is installed and launched, you’ll have 3 choices
1. Transfer files (word, PowerPoint, excel, … Mac and PC versions of course
2. Content viewer (movies, music, pictures and documents)
3. iBridge camera

leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad

This leef iBridge is way cool and will solve many storage issues.
The leef exists in 16Gb ($59.99/59€90), 32Gb ($79.99/89€90), 64 Gb ($119.99/129€90), 128Gb ($199.99/229€90), 256GB (out of stock) and you know what? You can even take photos and capture videos straight on the leef iBridge! 
How cool is that?

I use it for the office to store documents I need with me all the time (like powerpoint presentations, pdf, pictures, …) because I don’t want to download them … they are too heavy for my data subscription … I will also use it to record videos for my webTV show!
My friend uses it to store his music, as a media center.
So now, it’s your turn to find your usage!

This cool and necessary accessory works with iPhones 5/5S/5C, 6/6plus, iPad starting 4th generation and iPod Touch 5th generation.

  • leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPadCherry on the cake, you can even charge your iPhone while using the leef iBridge! The guys at iBridge thought about everything!
  • Plug the USB side of the leef iBridge in your computer and upload or download content
  • The only downside I could find is that the cable to charge my iPhone/iPad while my leef iBridge is on… was not in the box with the leef iBridge and I had to go back to the shop (call me lazy) to buy the leef ChargeThru for an extra $9,99

More info leef iBridge, mobile memory for iphone/iPad

My music? iMusic?

8 Jul

I have an iPhone, only 32Gb meaning that with all my pictures and apps, I can only have a playlist of 20 songs … Always the same songs … boring …
I would like to listen to the radio but you need the signal in the metro and definitively a great plan to allow you unlimited data (I’m limited to 2Gb a month).

With iMusic, I think I see the end of my misery …
iMusic is the new streaming music platform launched by Apple some days ago.

The big idea is to allow us access to any music for a monthly flat fee (individual fee $9,99, family pack for up to 6 members $14,99 a month).

The service is basically a giant library of all the music available at a tap of your finger.
How does it work?

  • First, upgrade your iOS to iOS8.4
  • Then head to iTunes and tap free test iMusic (the test will last 3 months and be automatically paid by month if you don’t untick the option “automatic renewal”)
  • I unticked and will decide on October 2nd if I continue to use the service (I think I will, because it’s way cool)
iMusic by Apple iMusic by Apple iMusic by Apple

Ok, the 3 months free trial is on, so what can I do?

First you can customize your music preferences by tapping the artists you like. This will enable iMusic to suggest you new music to discover that will fit your preferences (nice).
Now, let’s check it out.

Let’s launch the iMusic app.

On the customized homepage, I have access to

  • playlists,
  • albums,
  • radios,
  • I can also search iMusic for the latest albums releases
  • all the above are supposed to match my music preferences (and they do)

I like to listen to the radios while wifi-connected at the office or home, but the killer-use for me is the off-line listening of playlists and albums I download before taking the metro. I do that 2 times a day and I really enjoy the variety of the programmation and I even discover groups and albums I didn’t want to buy because I didn’t know if I would like it.

iMusic by Apple iMusic by Apple iMusic by Apple

Testing the service for the past few days, I must admit I dig iMusic big time!

  • The morning, I “make available offline” a playlist or an album and off I go take my metro.
  • At the office, I listen to playlists and radios (streaming).

I dig the service because

  • I don’t need to own CD or records
  • I don’t have the room to store CDs home
  • I don’t want to digitalize my CDs and store them in my iPhone (not enough storage room)

PS: This service is plain, simple and offer you all the music of the world at your fingertips … but I’m a little bit concerned about the music industry (already quite weak since the rise of internet).
I’m sure Taylor Swift, Pharrel Williams, … are on the safe side but all the other tniy little artists who are worth discovering … will they have access to iMusic, will the remenuration be high enough to keep them creating or send them back to 9 to 5 desk jobs ?

I measure everything!

15 Jun
Easy to carry, it's a bracelet

Easy to carry, it’s a bracelet

Already have the feeling when walking in a shop that you need a measuring tape or a folding rule to measure the brand new shelve that will brighten your kitchen? Or the length of a skirt …
But you don’t have a ruler on you. So you try to measure with you hand spread and you guess that the length is about 20cm or 7,87″.

Who does it? ME! But not anymore because now I wear the super cute leather wrist ruler for from I Love Handles.

On top of it, not only I measure, I also measure in centimeters or inches as the ruler is graduated with both.

Thanks ILVHDLS, great packaging

Thanks ILVHDLS, great packaging

the wrist ruler comes in a sweet little box

the wrist ruler comes in a sweet little box

I measure everything on the fly

I measure everything on the fly

Smart and cheap, available at $20 on the I Love Handles website.

ChaseIt, because

  • It looks good
  • It handy
  • And you will use it

Little downside, I’m a little picky here, they could have worked the leather a little bit more to make it smoother but I still like my wrist ruler.

More info on

Chase It, the show … Episode1

8 Jun

ChaseIt_BC_rectoThis morning when I woke up, I decided “to go BIG” and launch my very own TV show … ok, web TV show … still TV show in the sentence.

It will be a “spin off” of my blog and I will continue to introduce you to products and services you never heard about and that, you will see, are for you!

After stealing hubby’s HD video camera, filming with friends and cutting/editing and pasting … here’s the first episode simply called “Chase It, the Show Episode1” where you will discover the bubble tea with Chatime Paris,

For more infos, check out

Thank you to

  • Aldon, Marc and the team from Chatime Paris
  • @mamadousakho, my cameraman
  • JB @espconsulting13, for his healthy comments and info
  • Philippe Swan for the great music

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