The last 3 figures that matter

26 May

Last time I travelled to Miami for less than a week, I had the pleasure to receive a phone call from my banker after I paid my taxi back home in Paris.

Did I spend too much in Florida ?
Did I forget to send him a postcard ?

No! Someone stole my cards details and was still doing some shopping while back in France …
Annoying and costly …
The bank cut both my cards and reissued new ones!

What did I do wrong so they could copy my bank card details ?

Thinking about it a lot, I gave my cards to a taxi driver who didn’t have the machine but something they use to take the print of the card. Then I think he turned the card and memorise the 3 security numbers and he had all the infos necessary to copy my card.

When I told the story to my mom, she said it couldn’t happen to her because she had a trick.
A trick? What trick?
And then she shared it with me and I will do the same with you.

To protect your bank cards, you need
. a pair of scissors,
. a sheet of paper
. and some adhesive or simply a sticker.
Cut the paper so I will cover the last 2 digits of the security code.
Than put the adhesive on it.

So easy, now they won’t have ALL your information and won’t be able to use your card to shop 4 times a day a pretty full cart in the Publix like it happened to me.


PS: also be careful with the contact cards, and prefer wallet with anti-RFID shield so the thieves won’t be able to get your bank infos (just by hanging close to you in the metro or bus …)

It won’t be lost for everyone !

19 May

If like my friend, let’s call him Kiki to preserve his honor an the one of his family ;-) you got mugged in a bar by a girl who stole your iPhone 4s that you stupidly placed on the table … Don’t panic.
Here are the 3 steps you MUST follow to find you phone or at least have it’s content back on your next iPhone …

1. You NEED to activate the “Find my Phone” option
Go to “Settings”/ “iCloud” and turn on the toggle “Find my phone
While you in the iCloud menu, please consider turning on the iCloud backup.
The backup will be done automatically while wifi- connected, this will ensure that if you lose, break your iPhone, … You’ll just have to enter your iCloud ID and password and your content will be reinstall on your new iPhone.

Photo 14-05-2014 9 18 34 am Photo 14-05-2014 9 18 46 am

2. When the girl is running away with your phone, faster than you, use a friend’s iPhone, iPad or random computer. Log in on the page and type ID/password and go to the Locate my phone page … And you will be able to track it down, give it’s location to the police, send message on the screen, an alarm tone and even erase its content!

Photo 15-05-2014 8 44 56 am Photo 15-05-2014 8 45 12 am

3. Last step, if you really can’t find your phone, call your mobile operator and have it blocked …

Now, you know what to do and for your info our Kiki just bought a brand new iPhone 5s!

PS: I used the locate my phone once when my iPhone fall in the grass while leaving a taxi, I would never ever found it without this tracking option.

I’m not into sandwich!

12 May

Thermo-pot by Black+BlumFor lunch, I like to go to restaurants, japanese restaurants to be precise. But sometimes I don’t have time because I have to stay at the office to finish THE presentation that will save the world or not …
When this happens, I have my super Thermo-Pot by Black+Blum with me and I’m ready to kick the PowerPoint!
Thermo-pot by Black+BlumWhy the Thermo-Pot?
. It’s great to keep your food warm for at least 6 hours (miso soup, congee, ramen, donburi…)
. It’s a beautiful stainless steel bottle
. The spoon, that goes with it, is magnetic and will rest nicely on it’s spot on the side of the bottle
. It’s a 500ml/20OZ size, so it’s big enough for lunch
. The stopper is made of cork and this is coolThermo-pot by Black+Blum

Of course my Thermo-Pot is dishwasher-friendly as I’m not into hand-washing ;-)

More info
. Black+Blum official website
. Follow @blackblum

It’s not easy to be green …

5 May

20140502-092908.jpgI’m not talking about an episode of “Once upon a time” when Regina meets her evil sister Zelena … but about a great product called Cella.

Cella is a flexible, lightweight plastic kind of futuristic pot that will house small plants and moss.
20140502-092918.jpgThe creators at Ecoid based their idea on 15 years of study of the moss and also observation of the now fashionable concept of green roof.
With the Cella (coming in 3 sizes), you can now also have a moss ball in your office on your desk, hung on a wall, in the garden, inside or outside …
Let’s add some green in our urban life!
You’ll love it’s flexibility of use and low 20140502-092939.jpgmaintenance (if the Cella is indoor, just spray it with water 2-3 times a week) and if, like me, you don’t have a green thumb …
give Cella a chance and check their Kickstarter campaign.

More on Cella
. Official website
. Cella on Kickstarter

Breaking news, 10% of the Man-Pack!

29 Apr

You want your very own Man-Pakc too ?
And you like gift ?
Check the official website and get 10% off your cart using the promo code #chaseit (valid until May 31st).
Don’t forget to read our review of the Man-Pack 2.0!

The return of the ManPack!

28 Apr

The ManPack 2.0I loved my Man-Pack even if I’m a girl, and it’s not a girlpack, it’s a ManPack!
When I received my first Man-Pack I loved it and carried it everywhere with me.
Then I handed it over to brother who was begging me to have it.
Then I received the Man-Pack2.0, this time hubby was into it so much that I offered him my Manpack 2.0.
I’m too nice … or they are too tall …

Why is the Man-Pack2.0 so cool ?
1/ The Man-Pack 2.0 has lots of pockets.
. A hidden padded pocket in the back for the iPad.
. 2 exterior pockets perfect for the iPhone/Blackberry/Samsung.The ManPack 2.0
. 4 inside pockets (great to fit my wallets (the Crabby wallet and the Simple wallet, never put all your eggs in the same basket), my portable battery Sherpa 50)
2/ The Man-Pack looks plain and simple and that works with me.
3/ Pencil slots under the hood but easy to grab. Perfect for my SpacePen.
4/ The collapsible bottle pocket that I’m using with my PolarBottle, or a pack of Kleenex when I’m not thirsty ;-)
5/ The adjustable chest strap is handy and comes with a pocket and a quick-release clasp.
6/ The Man-Pack 2.0 is rugged and will fit all usages: from camping, to going to school or to the office as well as traveling, … And it’s rainproof.

 The ManPack 2.0  The ManPack 2.0  The ManPack 2.0

Did you know that Aaron Tweedie (the creator of the ManPack) is launching a new Kickstarter campaign to promote his brand new Kid-Pack?
Check it out and get 10% off using the code #ChaseIT.

More on the Man-Pack
. Follow @manpack1
. Official website
. support The Kid-Pack campaign on Kickstarter
. Buy the Man-Pack on the official Man-Pack website

PS: on the picture, you’ll have recognize the S-Biner by Niteize, the Sherpa 50 by GoalZero, the PolarBottle, the Yurbuds earphones, the Grid-it by Cocoon, the NewEra Bluetooth earpiece by Jawbone, the Fisher Spacepen, the Crabby wallet and Simple wallet.

A new Era in my ear

22 Apr

NEW Era by JawboneI never hold the phone to my ear!

Why? Because it tires my arm, it warms my little brain and I have to stop playing 2048 …

That’s why I’m always using earphones. I like the iPhone ones I received with my iPhone 5S, then I switched for the waterproof/sport/never fall off the ear from Yurbuds (that I use when I do my gym) and now I just switched to the brand NEW Era by Jawbone.

Because it’s cool to have a wireless earpiece (no more cables to untangle while your phone is ringing), because it’s a small earpiece, light, comfortable to wear all day long and because you can pair it with more than one device at the same time.

What is inside
the very small, eco-package that comes with the NEW Era?
The earphone comes with 4 silicone buds 1 medium right and left, 1 right large and the small one on the NEW Era.

NEW Era by Jawbone NEW Era by Jawbone Photo 12-04-2014 8 58 16 am

The NEW Era comes with a free iPhone and Android app, but it’s with your computer (PC or MAC) that you will be able to completely configure your earphone. Indeed, you will be able to
. Manage your Jawbone connected devices
. Personalize the voice that guides you in your earphone
. Know who is calling you by saying the name of your contact (up to 20 names will be recognized)
. Find your Era when I don’t know where you left it

But before starting toying with it, we need to pair it to the phone (just switch the little inside button down, the blue color will appear, then the extremity of the earphone will start blinking red/white until it’s paired with your phone).

NEW Era by Jawbone NEW Era by Jawbone

Let’s do some downloading now
. And download on the computer.

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 9.23.21 AM Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 9.30.48 AM Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 9.32.32 AM

The NEW Era is so smart that it can announce the name of up to 20 of my contacts.
To add a “name your contact”,
. go through the Jawbone website
. select your Jawbone accessory, in this case the NEW Era
and start customizing the earphone
. enter name (last name is not mandatory) and phone number, click and here it is.
It’s a great feature but too bad you have to enter the number manually … but you can also synch with your Google contacts.

Then, I decided to change the voice of the girl guiding me in the earphone.
I went for the arcade voice, but I had the choice between different styles from Mobster, Baseball, Bombshell, Rogue, Thinker, Catch, Ace, Hero or the regular Jawbone voice.
If you want the earphone to talk to you in another language than English, you’ll have many choices too as the NEW Era speaks Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Portuguese or Italian.

Every configuration changes you make will be done from the computer and will then be physically synced by linking the earphone to the computer.

This is the downside for me as more and more people have tablets and smartphones … Should have been cool to use the phone app to apply the changes.

Anyway, when the synch done, you are ready to kick. No more computer in the way.

Let’s download the app on the iPhone or Android phone

Photo 15-04-2014 9 49 15 am Photo 15-04-2014 9 49 26 am Photo 15-04-2014 9 49 21 am
Photo 19-04-2014 9 02 18 pm Photo 19-04-2014 10 02 34 pm Photo 19-04-2014 10 02 39 pm

The app on your phone will
. help you remember the shortcuts of your earpiece (f.e. triple-tap the Talk button (the one on the top of the NEW Era, and launch your favorite music (from iTunes, Deezer, Rdio, Spotify playlists)
. give you information about which voice you chose as audio-guide through your journey with your New Era
. show you the devices you paired your New Era with (in my case my iPhone and my iPad)

Chase it, because
. it’s small, light and you won’t feel it in your ear all day long
. You’ll hear clearly and be heard clearly thanks to the noise assassin
. You’ll be able to listen to you favorite music just by 3 pushes on the talk button

But be aware that
. talking time is up to 4 hours which not very much if you use your earphone to listen to music, talk to people, …
. It’s so small you can loose it easily, so be careful when you take it off your ear

More info
. The NEW Era by Jawbone
. Follow @Jawbone
. Pinterest Jawbone
. Instagram Jawbone


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