Fuel me up … SE!

24 Feb

Nike + Fuelband SE
I’m a fan of the Nike Fuelband.
When it was released in 2012, I was among the first ones to buy it and since then I’ve been trying to reach my daily goal everyday (to motivate you to be more active, your Fuelband pushes you to reach a daily goal. Break 3 goals in a row and you start a streak. Try to have the longest streak.)
I’ve been active since more than 562 days and I just switched to the brand new Fuelband SE since 41 days.

What does the Fuelband SE brings extra to the plate than the regular Fuelband?

Nike Fuelband SE Nike + Fuelband SE Photo 22-02-2014 9 36 15 am

. The sessions
Start sessions from your bracelet or iPhone. Then, when done, stop the session and check your iPhone to rename it as “gym”, “sleep”, “walking”, “golfing”, “Nike Training Club”, … or a customized session name like “walking the dog” …

Each types sessions will be saved by type so you can follow up your progress.
The sessions are great because now you can zoom your activity and can analyze it.

The sleep sessions are not as detailed as the Jawbone Up but we are getting there slowly.

. The hours won
It’s a new concept to invite you to move a little bit more during your desk life asking. “Win an hour” by moving at least 5 consecutive minutes during an hour.

Also on the menu

Nike + Fuelband SE Nike + Fuelband SE Nike + Fuelband SE

. The trophies
To celebrate extra achievements of yours. Double you daily goal, start a streak, … Fuelband is in your corner to cheer you up.
. The friends
Add up you friends and compare their daily, weekly progress with yours.
. The groups
Create a group, add friends and start the challenges.

The rest of the functions are basically the same (calories burned, steps, time, …).

The look of the bracelet changed a bit and the buckle is now colored, gold or black (mine is black) and now silver ($169).

So is it worth upgrading from The Fuelband to the Fuelband SE?
Yes, if you do sport regularly and want to keep tracks of your sessions! But don’t forget to charge it. The sessions makes it more hungry for power.

The price is $149. It’s available online or in the Nike stores (the nice salesperson will even help you set it up and create a Nike+ account with you, this is neat).

Good to know:

Nike Fuelband SE Nike + Fuelband SE Nike + Fuelband SE charging

. I noticed that the algorithm and the accelerometers are now more accurate then with the Fuelband1 and I earn less fuel daily than I did before for the same kind of day pattern, so I had to adjust my daily goals
. You want to start a Session? just push the button until “Start” appears on the bracelet then release and press once “3, 2, 1, Go” will blink … now you can start moving don’t forget to stop your session when done (just push the button until you see “end” blinking then push once)
. How to know the battery level without using your iPhone? just push the button, “start” will blink then keep pushing and the battery status will blink

Do you want my picture? Part1

20 Feb

If, like me, you take pictures, lots of pictures.
Sometimes people even say you take too many pictures …
Your pictures are beautiful and you get lots of “likes” on Instagram but you know what? Your pictures deserved to be printed and exposed to the real world!

And the good news is: there’s a sweet app that just does that, easy and simple with Polagram!

Polagram is a service you can operate from your iPhone (whenever you take a break on Instagram ;-) and then have the prints delivered straight to your home or to a friend.

Download the free app on the apple store and check it out.
You have 5 options to print your masterpieces

Photo 19-02-2014 6 54 02 pm Photo 19-02-2014 6 53 53 pm Photo 19-02-2014 6 53 57 pm

1. Classic prints, exist in 3 different sizes, 3,99€ for 5 prints and add 0,39€ for each extra print. Get it in 24 hours.
2. Large prints, comes in 2 sizes for 2,99€. Shipped the next day, from Monday to Friday.
3. Skins for your mobile or PolaSkins
Basically choose the picture, have it printed to skin your iPhone 4/4s or 5/5s for only 12,45€. Delay: 48 hours.
4. Stickers also called PolaSticks. For 9 stickers (5 by 5 cm) you’ll pay 14,90€. Shipped in 48 hours.
5. Cases, the PolaCase. Print you very own picture on a protective case for your iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s. Get it in 72 hours for 26,90€

Polagram partnered with the best in the picture industry (Fujifilms for the prints, 3M Vinyl for the skins), delivering quality pictures.
On top of it, Polagram has many partners around the world and prints and delivers worldwide.

I decided to go for the PolaPrints (Polaroid size) and the PolaSticks, but that’s for the next review ;-)

Photo 18-02-2014 13 18 54 Polagram Polastick Polagram Polastick

More info
. Download Polagram on the iTunes app
. Twitter @Polagram
. Instagram Polagram

Want to detox or just feeling sick ?

16 Feb

CongeeIt’s time to talk about congee.
Congee is a rice soup, easy to cook and versatile. Either sweet or salted, it will depend depends on the toppings you’ll add.

The super easy recipe.
Bring 1 cup of long rice and 10 cups of water to boil, then go back to low heat and let it cook for at least 1 hour. The rice will cook and disintegrate to creamy soup.

The toppings: salty or sweet ?
Salty congee.
I love the bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms and natural peanuts then I add a dash of soy sauce.
You can also top it with shredded chicken, fish or pork.Congee

Sweet congee.
Add nuts, cranberries, azukis brand and dry fruits, then add a dash of honey.

Congee is great for your stomach and spleen. It’s also perfect if you are feeling sick or just want to detox.

Big bonus, you can store it up to 2 weeks in your fridge! Perfect for the breakfast or lunch at the office.

goDock, the shelter to your smartphone

13 Feb

GoDockIt’s a dock, it’s a plug, it’s a shelter for your cables and earphones … and it’s small enough to carry in your pocket !
It’s the goDock: innovative, versatile and mobile!

GoDockThe goDock is a portable way to bring with you your iPhone plug and cable as well as your earphones.
At the same time, it will also welcome your iPhone as it works as a dock station (with or without a case). Even on the go, we should be able to dock and charge!
3 in one and in style!
It’s made of aluminium (choose between the grey, black or its coloured edition).
The goDock is also ecological and 100% recyclable.
This will definitively be your smartphone new BFF.GoDock

Early birds price starts at $47 then $58 (black or white), then $74 for the coloured edition.

The project is live on Kickstarter, check it out.GoDock

PS: it works for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and for Android phones too!

More infos
. Follow @goDockofficial
. Instagram goDock

Let’s bury the plate!

10 Feb

EcoSouLifeJust recently, I stumbled across EcoSouLife’s Biodegradable products in a local outdoor retailer in Melbourne.

This Australian brand has launched a full range of environmentally conscious tableware and lifestyle products that aim to replace harmful plastics and melamine’s which pollute the environment.
They will completely biodegrade once buried under the earth (I would not bury my bowl though, but it’s great to know that if we want we can do it).EcoSouLife

How is it possible ?
Those products are simply made with natural ingredients such as bamboo and cornstarch.


So what came from the earth can go straight back into the earth.

I bought two bowls! My bowl now is eco-friendly, dishwasher-safe, heat resistant and of course re-usable (don’t use it in the microwave though).

EcoSouLife targets the campers and eco-conscious buyers, like you and me.
I’m not a camper (I don’t want to fight with a bear for a corn flake) but why not try to buy and support Eco smart initiatives! So from now on, I will eat my ice cream, my cornflakes, my congee in an eco bowl!

More infos
. EcoSouLife official website
. Instagram ecosoulife_
. Like them on Facebook

The power is at the end of the cable!

3 Feb

Power meter by Power PotSometimes when you charge you phone it takes like for ages to have a full battery.
Ever wonder why ?
Because the plug you are using is not 100% effective, and as, if like me you are not electrician, you don’t see it by simply looking at the plug.

We need help to optimise our device charging!

Great news, I found the ultimate product that will help all of us: the Practical Meter!

imageBasicaly, what you have to do is
. put your plug in the wall
. insert the USB-like Practical Meter
. and finally plug your charging cable.
Then, the Practical Meter starts measuring power from 1 to 10 watts (just check how many of its 5 lights are blinking).
You can even hook it up to a portable solar panel to appreciate the efficiency of the placement vs the sun, clouds and shadow.

The Practical Meter is a great invention to help you maximise your time and your charging.image
Use it on a USB plug, USB computer port, … And you will know how long it will take to charge your device.

PS: one drawback that is not really one, but I would have liked have it as a keyring (as I’m scared to loose it).

More infos
. The Power Meter page on Powerpot

250 free GrabNGo bands for you!

29 Jan

Check out our review and claim you free GrabNGo Band !



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